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Camping and hiking enthusiast, living in NC

Pretty good place to camp!

This was a pretty good place to camp. There is a hike to the campsite from the parking lot so we definitely got our workout in bringing our gear in. 

The hikes here are really awesome and the facilities are nice and clean! We really enjoyed all of the different hikes and the lake as well as the hike to the top of the mountain. The hike to the top was a little strenuous for smaller kids. 

The trails were also pretty crowded. Overall is was a great experience!


This place is simply outstanding! The lake is amazing and it is called the Caribbean of South Carolina for a reason. Besides the excellent campgrounds and facilities we had the pleasure of renting a pontoon boat and taking it out for the day. The lake itself is clear in certain parts. It was really fun playing around the waterfall. The only thing about this park is that you have to book your stay quite a while in advance as it is a very popular place.

Such a fun place to camp, especially for the kids

This place is the best places for families to camp. There is a beautiful zoo, gem mining, a train ride, amazing fishing, a beautiful playground, and a carousel. The campsites are nice and the facilities are fairly clean. We really enjoyed fishing and caught a couple of fish as well. The sites are pretty roomy to! We definitely will be going back again and have been a couple of times.

Beautiful campground close to home!

Beautiful campground and clean facilities! The sites were nice and spacious. 

The lake is so pretty and we caught a huge catfish!

You can kind of hear the cars at night but it wasn’t too bad. Very friendly park rangers too. Would love to go back!

I simply loved this place

This place was one of my favorite places to camp! We went at the end of Summer before school was about to start again. The temperature was so nice and warm during  the day and perfect at night. The pool was so much fun and we really enjoyed it. We also played a lot of badminton. 

The owners of the campground cook a fabulous breakfast that we really enjoyed. The pancakes were delicious! The camp store was fully stocked. The location. Was really nice too. We went to DuPont S.P and enjoyed that as well. 

We will be going back!

Site was ok, pool was great, bathrooms... not so much.


The site that we stayed on was great. Very close to the lake. The lake was fantastic! Lots of good fishing for the kids. There was a nice playground too. The pool was so nice and a life saver because it was pretty warm during the day. 

The bad part about this place was the bathrooms. They were very dirty and there were only 2 bathhouses for dozens and dozens of sites. The shower was awful as it was very moldy and creepy. Overall, I wouldn’t return because of the bathroom situation. However, I believe the new owners just took over when we stayed so since then they may have remedied the bathroom situation.

Large and beautiful lake front sites

What a fun place to camp! We stayed in a group site with a couple other families . The site itself was tremendous! The kids had lots of room to play and explore while the adults enjoyed relaxing together. The fishing was outstanding in this lake! We also rented kayaks and kayaked to a little island area where the kids played the day away. 

The facilities were clean and shower was nice and hot! 

We came for Spring Break in March and it was nice and cold at night.

Nice sites! Lots of activities!

We camped here in December and it was just us and the camp hosts in the campgrounds.  It was such a fun experience even if we froze our tushies off at night! 

We’ve visited this park before but this was our only time camping there. The facilities were very clean. There are a lot of nice hiking trails as well as biking trails and of course water activities. We will be going back soon!

Beautiful land, beautiful park!

This was a beautiful park. We loved hiking up the stone mountain. The hike was really great and we got to see waterfalls too. There is a fishing area off of the road that my kids loved as well, although we didn’t catch anything!

One of the best things about this park is the area that has a sliding rock. We spent hours and hours playing in the river in sliding down the rock. It was so much fun and definitely was a time to remember. Although the natural aspect of this facility is fantastic, the  facilities are not great. The bathroom was kind of dirty in the showers were cold. Besides that everything else was wonderful!

There’s also a store close by that has fantastic ice cream that we liked to visit!

A magical gem of a campground!

This campground is magical. We were lucky enough to find it and stay here in June, 2019. 

The tent site that we stayed in was really beautiful and had an amazing view of the mountains. The field that was in front of our site had beautiful wild flowers. We made lovely bouquets and even wore flowers in our hair! My favorite time of day here was evening when the sun was setting. We saw lots of bats and birds! The bathrooms were so very clean as well.  The gentleman that ran the campground were very kind and lovely and recommended a fun day on the river in Todd.  I’d like to go back in the future and stay in the teepee’s that they had. They looked really cool. They also had beautiful tree houses that I’d love to stay in one day!

Best campground for kids and family’s

This is a wonderful campground for kids and families. We always stay  around Halloween. They have the best activities for kids. Costume contest, trick-or-treating and pumpkin decorating is one of our favorites. There is also a haunted house which is really cool. The general store is always meticulously clean and well stocked. The bathrooms and facilities are always clean. We love waking up to the sound of the river in the morning. We will continue staying here around Halloween for years to come if we are so lucky.