I liked this place

This campground was very nice for us! We were able to get in and out of our space without any issues.

The weather was amazing and we were able to get so much work done before we had to leave.

This is a great place

We went here for our 2nd outing with our new TT. It was nice, but the thing that set it apart were the people!

They helped up get set up, showed us how to turn on things at the campground (remember, this was our 2nd outing), and also gave us tips on how to make the camping experience better.

We will be back!

First Timers at Buckeye Lake

It was a very nice Kampground, however, if you don't follow their rules, you will get admonished for it. We didn't get a car tag when we registered, and we were followed all the way in to our trailer demanding that it be displayed. You can't display something that isn't there.

A couple came up to us as we were setting up at midnight drunker than a skunk, but we entertained them for a little bit and then sent them on their way.

It was quiet and nice all around, except for ranger rick.

Most helpful staff!

The staff is amazing. Incredibly clean, well run, efficient and the coffee was great!

The site was roomy and quiet.


Two words -


It was so incredibly beautiful, peaceful and quiet that we didn't want to leave. But we had to.

We were very late, but everything was set up for us when we arrived. It was easy to find our site, and set up. Morning was so refreshing!

One of the best yet!

We had the best lot in the place! We were on the end (which is always a plus for us), and were able to see Lake Erie!

Very Quiet, but not much really goes on when it is raining. They only had 50w outlets, but will lend you a converter for $15.00, which is refundable upon leaving.

Very Well Kept!

Very Nice Campground

This is a lovely large Kampground (yes, I used a K), that is close to the airport. We expected the airport noise, but not the trains.

Our space was wide and long to accommodate our pickup truck/25' TT and the hosts were super sweet.

They allowed for late arrival, and when they opened, they were very accommodating for our questions.