Awesome HUGE State Park Campground

Cape Henlopen is wonderful and really, really large. Bring the bicycles, helmets are required. We love it here, there is so much to do. There are miles upon miles of walking and biking trails. There are nice play facilities for kids, loads of water and beach access. Great fishing, with a large open pier complete with well stocked, well informed and reasonably priced tackle shop on the pier. Nice bathroom facilities available there as well.

There is a fantastic nature center (FREE) complete with touch tanks and knowledgeable park staff. Free bike rentals are available, some with baby seats and trailers. As a former military installation, there are lots of military historical items and sites. Underground bunkers and batteries and such. There's a wonderful observation tower built on top of one of these that affords beautiful 360 degree views and photo opportunities. There are also old observation towers, one of which you can climb to the top of.

Lots and lots of wildlife and nature photography to be had here.

Campsites can be a bit tight, and the measurements online are real. Fire rings and picnic tables are available on sites. There's a camp store as well. We've stayed both on sites and in one of the really nice cabins. The cabins are great for families, but do not allow pets.

Great Camping Experience in a well run park!

We love it here. It's a very large park, with a lot of camping options. Reservations must be made way ahead, though. It's bare bones. This is not luxury camping. No hookups. Generators are permitted during set hours, which can annoy you if you're not a generator person. Bathroom facilities are available on each loop, along with unheated showers. Well worth it if you prepare properly.

Miles, Miles, Miles of beautiful bike and walking trails. Wild Ponies. Sika deer. Did I mention wild ponies? They're awesome, but also require some prep. DO NOT leave food out, even dog food, they will walk right into your campsite and help themselves. Give them room, they're wild. Wonderful to experience and look at if you keep your distance. If you do not, it will likely end badly as they can bite and kick, and if they don't get you, the rangers will, with pricey tickets.

Great place for birding, nature photography, and beach time or fishing. The bayside offers Kayak and SUP rentals for use on the bayside. There's also some bayside beach available which is fantastic for little kids to splash and play without wave worries. It can get a bit windy here, and is sometimes unreasonably buggy on a west wind. Stock up on bug spray.

Fire rings are available at each campsite along with picnic tables. Sites are roomy and well maintained. Beach is beautiful, and it does welcome fishing. Rangers and staff are friendly and knowledgeable. There is a phone app available for identifying ponies, which is super neat.

Great State park campground with beach access, fishing, and great views.

There are two sides to this campground, North of the Indian River Inlet and South. The North side is newer, smaller, and generally less crowded. Sites are also larger on the North Side. The park is well maintained, with water and sewer hookups. Clean, well maintained bath houses. Loads of activities and programs for adults and children, from free to a reasonable fee. There's walkover beach access on both sides, with restroom facilities available. You're not going to get any closer to the beach without actually camping on it. There is a small camp store on the South side, and a bait and tackle shop in the marina on the North. Nice playground facilities for kids on both sides. We love it here, and camp there a lot since we're local. There are nice lighted bike / walking paths over the bridge to get from one side to the other that offer great views. There's a wonderful nature trail at the back side of the marina called Burton's Island Nature Trail. Pets are welcome.

The drawbacks are these. There are no fire rings on campsites. Sites are not wooded, there is zero shade and it gets HOT in the high summer. Lots of fishing here. There will be fishermen on the beach, and also along the inlet wall at all hours. It gets windy here, especially during any sort of weather event. Sturdy tents can survive. We've seen people lose awnings and EZ-ups galore if they're not mindful of wind and weather. All in all, it's the most affordable way to vacation at the beach, and can be awesome if you're well prepared, but miserable if you're not.

Lovely, well run, affordable state park campground.

Trap Pond is wonderful, we camp there a lot. It's great for kayaking and canoeing, freshwater fishing, birding, biking and hiking. There are miles of well maintained trails for bicycles, and free bike rentals from the campground bike shed. There are also loads of well marked water trails, one of which leads to a really nice cypress swamp with active beaver dam. Pontoon boat tours and kayak and canoe rentals are available for a reasonable fee. There is a nice play area for children in the campground that's just been upgraded, and a larger one across the pond in the public area. A lovely nature center is available for visiting during the day at no charge. It's fairly quiet and great for families and children.

Campsites are wooded and well kept, with fire rings and picnic tables at each, and there are a range of scheduled activities for all ages from free to a small fee. Staff and volunteer hosts are friendly and courteous, and there is a camp store and laundry facilities. Bath houses, while a bit dated, are kept clean and neat. Pets are welcome. Cabins and Yurts are available, (And adorable).