A well kept secret, great spot to camp.

Hermits Park is a great spot to know about. Anyone coming from afar is going to search for federal and state parks, but won't know to check for county parks. This used to be a private retreat for Hewlett Packard employees (HP=Hewlett Packard=Hermits Park). It's very spread out so once you enter and stop and check in, you'll continue on a slow curvy road on to either Hermits Hollow or Bobcat Gulch for your campsite. There is also a loop of cabins which can be rented fairly inexpensively. We stayed in H-11, and it's a very large site and nicely secluded from its neighboring sites. All the sites were pretty large, and there are nice rock outcroppings and large trees throughout the park. A few sites are right up on the road, but most offer nice large lot.

In spite of the many large trees, hammocks are not allowed. It is also not allowed to have any glass containers or any alcohol above 3.2%. This is a bear area, and all food or scented items need to be stored properly. Each campsite has a very large bear box large enough to accommodate anything you'd have, including coolers.

It would be nice if the county could put water in, there are two places to fill containers/rvs-one right by the entrance and another at the entrance to Bobcat Gulch. The toilets are very clean pit toilets, and of course there are no shower facilities. Even the cabins have outhouses. If this was a joint county/state park it would be amazing-lottery money could allow for modern facilities, but what is there is very clean and well maintained. It appears they are doing construction to build another camp area between the two existing areas (June 2018).

There is a large group pavilion which would make a beautiful spot for a wedding. Another area is an equestrian camping area, and there are many trails in the park.