A handful of nice spots

There are two loops at Laird Park campground, which I found to be very different. If you head left to the East loop, there are some nice, shaded and wooded spots. Some sites seemed to have almost no space to pitch a tent, however. But there are some fine spots at that loop, particularly at the beginning. If you head right to the west loop, the spots are much more exposed, close together, and sunny. But both loops have plenty of parking areas and picnic areas, with water and a playground at the end of the west loop.

Nice little campground

Great little campground right off hwy 6, with first come first serve camping. There are only a dozen sites or so, but they're nicely spread out, wooded, and clean. They're a little noisy because some are close to the highway and there is a lot of atv/dirtbike use in this area. There's a trailhead nearby for bird watching and hiking, and mountain biking around as well. Lots to do! The USFS website is wrong about the fees, it's now $12 to camp with $2 for additional vehicles. There isn't much extra parking though, so you may end up parking on the road outside of the campground. Also, bring your own TP as there wasn't any when I was there.

Iron Mountain Campground

There are a handful of spots, but they're all really exposed and you have no real privacy. There's one pit toilet at the very top, and sites scattered around the top of the mountain. I didn't end up sleeping there because it was too noisy from dirt bike traffic, I parked off the road further down where it was more quiet. The dirt bike noise should be considered if you're planning on staying there. But hey, it's free.

First to Review
Hawley's Landing

We went in April, before things got busy and noisy. We were the only ones in the tent only walk-in sites, which were primo. Nice access to the water/docks, and all sorts of trails to access from the campground, including bike trails. It was pretty pricing for only using a tent site without amenities, and there were decimals involved while doing the math. Really?? I can't attest to what it's like during busy summer days, but it was nice in the spring.