Disperse Camping, Great Lakes.

I love camping here because of all of the available spaces, also the trails for hiking are amazing and there are so many options. We hiked up to Ruth Lake and had a picnic there, we saw a lot of people going up that way who were backpacking.

Disperse camping.

Amazing way to be close to nearby hikes.

Dry Camping

This place is great, it has pit bathrooms at the entrance to the road. Take plenty of mosquito repellent. Awesome hikes nearby.

No reservations needed.

It’s been hard trying to do a reservation seems everywhere it is packed, this option at hole in the rock offers, leave no trace camping without having to worry about finding a place thru making a reservation. Near by hikes are great and there are so many options.

Stunning sights.

Beautiful hikes kids are able to take the hike to the fall. For overnight camping you must make a reservation no fires are allowed.


I love all of the near trails, it is very private and clean. The reservoir is great to cool down from the heat, it offers options for fishing, Kayaking and swimming. The bathrooms are very clean and they also have showers and a fill up and dump station.

Close drive, stunning.

This canyon offers different hiking trails and camping sites, with picnic tables.

Great for kids.

Great for kids, our children love coming since they are able to enjoy getting into the lake.

Great for off road vehicles, fishing and camping.

This location is great since it is not very far from the city and you can find different things to enjoy. 

Including fishing, off roading (ATV, 4 wheelers), hiking, kayaking.

Clean and out off this world, magical experience.

Coyote is a magical place, it definitely is not an easy hike but it is worth every step.