Well Managed and Manicured

We had to return our travel trailer to the dealership for some warranty work and wanted to have one last little getaway before handing it over. We opted to stay somewhere in the vicinity of the dealership, and this campground had an opening. So, we booked one of the last remaining sites and hit the road!

Located in a suburban area north of Houston, the campground was very easy to find. It was nestled among nice suburban homes but still close to the amenities of a suburban city. We arrived after the employees left the front desk, so they instructed us to pick up our materials at the front office. We immediately noticed how well maintained this campground was. We easily found Site 21, a standard back in site. The sites are all concrete and level with a yard of grass and full hookups, which we really appreciate. We were surprised that our site didn’t have a picnic table like we thought, but we probably could have called to request one (wasn’t a huge issue in this July Texas heat).

This campground is more like a residential area. We noticed that many vehicles were gone early on a weekday morning. Many of the “campers” had potted plants and other items that indicated they were long-term occupants. There were many rules for the campground such as no items allowed on the grass or under RVs and no trash cans at sites, but none of these were unreasonable. Staff was visible throughout the day, often maintaining the grounds and collecting trash at each site (trash collection is each morning). It was extremely quiet, clean, and manicured.

Would we visit this campground again? Yes, if we plan to visit the Houston area for business in the future. We prefer the forest and the solitude that it affords, but this is a nice place to stay if you have business in the area. Rayford Crossing has amenities that may appeal to families with children such as a playground, beautiful pool, hot tub, shuffleboard, horse shoes, and fishing. The nice paved roads and sites and the dog park were nice as well. Our only complaints would be the price and lack of privacy, but I guess that’s to be expected in an RV resort near a major US city like Houston. Basically, it served our purpose.

National Park Hub

We stayed here during a two-week trip visiting several national parks in the West with our friends. Since we had limited time to spend at each of our destinations, we wanted to stay as close as possible to the parks, so this campground fit the bill for visiting both Grand Teton and Yellowstone.

We called ahead to be sure of check in procedures. We first drove to the visitor center and checked in. We were given maps and directions to our sites (our request for neighboring sites was honored). It was easy to locate Site 310, a pull through site with full hookups. The sites were level and mainly dirt (little to no gravel). The roads were the same, so everything stayed dusty for our three-night stay. There were some nice shade trees, and we were able to create a nice little shared yard space with our friends between the two trailers.

There was a great deal of foot and car traffic on the little road our site was on because of our proximity to the bathhouse. It was entertaining watching tent campers run to the bathroom in the mornings while we sipped our coffee outside. We didn’t spend much time hanging out here because we spent the majority of our time visiting the two national parks. Cell service was nonexistent unless we drove to Jackson Overlook. Being out of touch with our families was the worst part of staying here, so we made the ten-minute drive to this point to touch base and take care of emails/business back home. The gas station near the campground was convenient for fuel and ice, so we appreciated that especially after driving through the desolate areas of Wyoming.

Although the dusty roads were an annoyance, we decided that this was the best place to stay for anyone wanting to visit both national parks and have the luxury of full hookups. We would definitely stay here again for visiting Grand Teton and Yellowstone. Maybe by then, they’ll have some gravel.

Stargazing and Seclusion

We stayed here midway through a two-week adventure visiting national parks out West. This just so happened to be on our route after leaving Glacier, and it ended up being our favorite campground we visited during this journey.

We had a little trouble finding the campground, but that was because of human error when selecting the route via Google Maps. After stopping and scratching our heads a bit, we figured out our error and easily found our way. We didn’t realize that we had booked an “equestrian site” complete with a horse pen but had some fun with our friends later (good place for corralling the husbands). Our friends were in Site 34, and there was a small trail connecting our two sites.

We easily set up camp and made a quick meal before touring the campground. It was so quiet that we didn’t think there were any others camping there, so we were surprised during our walk to see so many fellow campers. The sites are HUGE and really offer a great deal of privacy and seclusion. The only issue we had was that there were so many bugs (gnats and flies)! This forced us inside sooner than we would have liked, but we were tired from the long journey that day anyway. We went to bed early and opened the blinds on the front stargazing window of our Lance. The view was breathtaking!!! It was such a clear night (and so dark in the campground) that we could see hundreds of stars and fell asleep looking at them. We awoke to a beautiful sunrise over the distant mountains. It was the most beautiful view from our trailer to date!

We begrudgingly left Castle Rocks after only one night wishing that we could have stayed much longer. If we are ever fortunate enough to be in the area again, we will definitely revisit this campground . . . hopefully for a longer stay next time!

One Night Stay

We stayed here on the last night of a two-week journey visiting national parks in the West. This just happened to be on our route back home to Louisiana and looked like a pleasant place for us to spend one night.

We arrived at the campground around 8:00 on a Friday night and had to wait in line to enter the park. The park ranger was very friendly and thorough (albeit slow giving directions for road-weary travelers such as us). We found site 123 in the H Loop easily (sites are clearly marked) and set up camp. We were impressed with the spacing and privacy of the sites. We had a slight peekaboo view of the lake and a beautiful sunset from the trailer. It took us a while to get our trailer leveled as the site was on a pretty big slant (four inches off left to right and eight inches front to back); however, the pad was concrete and quite wide.

A bathhouse and dumpster were nearby, which was a nice convenience. Hookups were in good condition as well. There was a small back yard with a covered picnic table, fire ring, and lantern post which we thought would be nice if we would have been here longer. This little area was very private from the road and a neighboring site. We would definitely stay here again when our travels take us this way in the future.

Location, location, location!

Glacier National Park was the ultimate destination for our two-week anniversary trip, so we wanted to be very close to the park so that we could make the most of our time there. Moose Creek did not disappoint! We stayed here for four nights at Site 12, while our friends occupied Site 11. After reading on the website that our GPS may not be reliable, we called and got more specific directions from Katie and easily found the campground off of Highway 2.

Checking in was a breeze as was setting up. At Site 12, we had to be careful of trees obstructing our slide and awning, but we figured that out pretty quickly. The site was shady and had various wildflowers. Ground squirrels and robins were in abundance and fun to watch. Our only disappointment was the highway noise. We weren’t expecting that but eventually were able to tune it out. Other than the highway noise, the campground was quiet during our stay.

We utilized the laundry facility during our first day. We were able to get a $10 roll of quarters from the front desk and knock out our laundry fairly quickly. The washers are pretty small but the dryers are huge, so plan accordingly. We never used the bathrooms or showers, so I can’t comment on their state. The communal fire area was really cute, but we opted to use our own propane fire pit at our site. We toured the other sites and loved the primitive sites at the back of the campground as they afforded campers more privacy.

Most of our time on this leg of our journey was spent in Glacier exploring the beautiful park, and Moose Creek served our needs as a home base for our first trip to the area. We would definitely stay here again! We really enjoyed the clean grounds, proximity to Glacier, friendly staff, and full hookups.

Marvelous Lake Meredith

When planning a two-week road trip visiting national parks out west, we selected this campground as a spot for a one-night stay. It did not disappoint and left us wanting to stay longer!

Our GPS took us directly to the campground with only a few hiccups in the Dallas area, but that was to be expected. We arrived around 2:30 in the morning, so the staff placed all of our paperwork in the electric box at our site. Locating our site at night was a little difficult, but since our friends had already arrived and were set up in a neighboring site, we used that to our advantage. Site 2 was paved and level. The water and electric hookups were very close to the trailer, so set up was a breeze. Stargazing was at a premium here as there were no city lights or lights in the campground. I enjoyed the night sky while my husband set up camp, and then we hit the bed.

We awoke to a beautiful sunrise over Lake Meredith. The view from the front and passenger side windows was great! We enjoyed our coffee outside by the water. Our only complaint was a neighboring camper with a very noisy generator.

After loading up, we went to the bait shop to check in since we had all arrived so late the previous night. Many people were arriving with boats to spend the day on the lake. We utilized the dump station and hit the road for the next leg of our journey. We would definitely stay here again . . . hopefully for a bit longer the next time.

Beauty to Behold at Paul B

We have heard great things about Paul B. Johnson for years, even before we began our own camping adventures. It was definitely a campground we were excited to check out, so we booked a long weekend getaway with the promise of beautiful spring weather. Unfortunately, our trip here was cut short due to a family emergency, but we were able to scope things out for future adventures.

It was a bit of a trek from our home on a work night, so we arrived after dark at site 67. This campground does not lock up at night, so this was not a major issue. We entered the campground through what we later learned was a back entrance off of Geiger Lake Road, so we didn’t check in until the next morning at the visitor center. The sites were not well marked with numbers, so we had to drive around a time or two to locate our site (with me occasionally getting out of the truck to read the site numbers painted in yellow on the road). The main entrance to the park has a much “fancier” building than the back entrance and leads you to drive over a spillway (which is TOTALLY safe, so no worries). The roads in the campground are narrow, two-lane roads but are not conducive to two RVs passing one another. We had to get off of the road for others to pass.

Our site was lakeside on a hill leading down to a pier that jutted into the lake. It also had a grill and wooden picnic table that was movable. Having full hook up was nice! However, the connections were quite spread out with the water pretty far back from the other connections at this site (we needed two water hoses). There was no dedicated fire ring but there was evidence of camp fires, so we just cleared a space and set up our chairs. However, some sites had a metal fire ring and concrete picnic tables. Lower numbered sites are older with newer sites being those in the 100s. The newer sites are more level and have concrete pads instead of asphalt pavement. However, the views aren’t nearly as nice. Site 16 is next to a pier that leads to an island (super cool but everyone can access that, so you’d lose privacy). Many sites have decks, but that really sacrifices “yard space” if that’s an important factor for you. Some sites we were interested in for our next visit included 71 and 84, but we really loved site 67 and would give it another go for a future visit.

Camp Shelby is nearby, so you’ll hear various noises from that (not overly distracting but I wish I would have known before arriving). There is a splash pad, lake swimming, and several picnic areas near the visitor center that would be awesome for kids and families when the weather is warmer. There are so many species of birds if you enjoy bird watching like we do. We enjoyed watching geese and ducks on Geiger Lake in the morning. There’s also a nature trail that we didn’t get to check out. The views from our camper were beautiful at Paul B, and we would love to visit this campground again soon!

Loving Lake Lincoln

After this teacher/mom and her kids were sent home from school due to Covid-19, we decided that some time in nature was what we all needed as a family. Our friends and their family joined us, and we headed to Lake Lincoln State Park for a long weekend. Since it was a spur of the moment decision, there were no neighboring sites with a view of the lake to choose from. We ended up at sites 36 and 37 since access to the lake was nearby.

Our sites were very close to one another, so these would be ideal for two people traveling together. If I had not known my neighbors, I would definitely not want to stay on site 36 as its view was a direct view of our friends’ camper and their sewer connection. This did make for some great jokes later. Each site had a picnic table, a concrete pad, and a grill but no fire ring or lantern post. Sewer hook ups were a plus since the bathhouses were all shut down. We set up a tent for our college-aged son just behind the two campsites (an additional charge of $15 per night).

We all loved the amount of shade and seclusion these two sites provided. We felt like we were nestled snuggly into the pines and enjoyed a peekaboo view of the lake, a precious chapel in our “backyard,” and easy access to the lake and beach areas. We used the driver side of site 37 as our communal area for our two families and enjoyed cooking, playing games, sitting around the fire, and listening to music here. Our stay was extremely quiet even with day use visitors coming into the campground to fish and enjoy the beach area. We enjoyed several walks with our dogs touring the campground and hiking the trail. We did tour the campground but didn’t really note any specific sites that tickled our fancy. We did see several that had direct views of the lake we know we would have enjoyed. Our girls enjoyed lounging in the sun on the beach area until it was closed due to mitigation measures. We hung two hammocks easily with the multitude of trees on sites 36 and 37, and few naps were enjoyed in both during our stay. The guys did some fishing but not any catching worth speaking of, much to our dismay. More than anything, we ate well and laughed lots during our stay which is more than anyone can hope for in a vacation.

Overall, this trip cured our cabin fever during an unprecedented time in our world’s history, and we made more great memories with our dearest friends. We loved Lake Lincoln and hope to visit again in the future. Hopefully, we can do some fishing AND catching the next time around.

Packed in at Percy Quin

When our best friends and travel companions bought a camper, we couldn’t wait to all go camping together with our kids and dogs. A quick weekend getaway to Percy Quin was in order for us all. Because of our last minute decision to go camping, we had limited sites to choose from (especially neighboring sites). We ended up at sites 63 and 64 which were pretty close together, but we were happy with that since we knew our neighbors. The sites included sewer hookup, a picnic table, a grill, and an asphalt pad. There were no designated fire rings, so we made our own. Other sites that we thought looked nice for traveling with friends were 47/49, 50/52, 57/59, and 60/61.

Since this was a quick trip (and the weather was miserably cold), we didn’t get to explore as much as we would have liked. We did walk the dogs around the campground to see all of the campsites, the little chapel, and the lake. The boys did some fishing but didn’t get to do any catching on this cold November weekend. The campground was generally noisy and was completely packed for the weekend; however, it was pretty quiet at night. The sites were all quite close to one another, not affording much seclusion and privacy from other guests. Although it wasn’t our favorite campground close to home, Percy Quin was a good place for a quick getaway with our friends and kids, and we made some great memories!

‘Bout That Bogue Chitto

We visited Bogue Chitto after torrential rains pummeled Louisiana and Mississippi causing the park to cancel our site we had reserved with a water view in the Bottomland Loop. This really ended up being a blessing in disguise. We were forced to just pick a site when we arrived at the park (not so great for this OCD-Teacher-Planner-Mom), but after only one drive around the Upland Loop, we decided on site 2 and were not disappointed! The site backed up to a trail, and the driver side of the trailer faced a wooded area (instead of a neighboring site) which afforded us much more privacy than any of the other sites would have. Sites 9, 14, and 46 also looked nice with their awnings facing trees instead of other campsites. All sites in this loop had sewer hook ups, so that was nice. There was a concrete pad underneath the fire ring with a lifting grill, a separate grill by the wooden picnic table, and a lantern post. There was a big tent pad close to the fire ring as well.

We thoroughly enjoyed all of the hiking and biking opportunities this campground afforded us. Although the Bottomland area was closed for camping, we still checked things out for future visits. Given the choice between the two loops in the future, I think I’d choose site 2 again. Camp hosts were visible and kept the campground very clean. During our visit, there was a Dutch Oven competition, so the campground was packed.

We only were able to stay here for two nights and left wishing we could have stayed much longer! We will definitely visit Bogue Chitto State Park again.

Sweet Solitude

I stumbled upon this campground in search of waterfront sites, and it delivered! My husband and I were fortunate to stay here twice, and it is by far our favorite campground we have visited since we began our camping adventures last year. It is such a peaceful, quiet campground and was not crowded at all for our Thanksgiving and Christmas stays. The campground hosts were very friendly, and check in was a breeze. The hosts patrolled the campground often, and we felt very safe here. Although we didn’t utilize the bathhouse or laundry facilities, they were very clean and heated. The park felt very secluded, but Walmart was just a short drive away when we needed to pick up a few things we had forgotten. We also appreciated that we had cell phone service (AT&T) at all times in order to stay in touch with family, and we were able to use our hot spot for streaming Netflix in the evenings.

During our first stay during the Thanksgiving break, we camped at site 29 after seeing video reviews of this particular site, and we really enjoyed having views of the lake from three sides. The site was very spacious and level, and we appreciated the general layout and amenities (fire ring, movable picnic table, grill, and lantern post). Although this site had many great qualities, we were surprised by the constant boat/fishing traffic just across the lake. The fishermen’s voices really carried across the lake, so it just didn’t feel very private. Also, backing our 21’ travel trailer into the site took some maneuvering because of the trees at the driveway entrance.

After exploring the different sites in the campground during our first stay, we found that the sites on the other side of the Black Gum Loop were much better suited to our taste since they faced the dam instead of the boat launch. We stayed at site 47 during our second stay and really loved the view and solitude. This was also a spacious site with great views of the lake. We will definitely visit Twiltley again!

Great Weekend Getaway!

Indian Creek is only a couple hours away from our home, so it’s an ideal spot for a weekend getaway together! My husband and I have stayed here twice—first, at site 52 and then at site 56. We had to call the campground prior to our stay to get a gate code as they lock the gate at night, but that was simple enough and made us feel safe. During each of our stays, the campground was nearly full, so we counted ourselves lucky with the sites we had reserved.

We have a 21’ travel trailer and barely fit it and our Toyota Tundra in site 52. The lake was visible when standing inside the camper (driver side) but not from our chairs by the fire. There was a pretty steep drop off from the concrete pad to the ground level forcing us to put our outdoor rug on the ground. We appreciated the shade, two handy trees for our hammock, the ducks on the lake, and the sound of the wind blowing through the tall grass. We had neighbors one night in site 54 which is very close, but they kept to themselves so we didn’t feel encroached upon. Site 52 was also a little low, so it was a bit soggy from rains that fell the week before we had arrived.

After exploring the campground on this first trip, we decided that site 56 would be perfect for us. We felt like “kings of the mountain” during our second stay at Indian Creek as we were at the top of a hill. Site 56 had a HUGE backyard leading down to the lake. The view from our chairs by the fire and the picnic table were excellent. There were lots of trees to hang our hammock from, too.

Other sites that we found appealing were 13, 16, 45, 57, 95, 99, and 100. We really prefer a nice view, separation from neighboring sites, and privacy when selecting a site, so for us 56 was ideal. All sites had concrete pads, picnic tables, and fire rings but no lantern posts. The first loop of the campground (Susan’s Loop) seemed much quieter than the others (perhaps because it was further from the playground and little beach area). The beach areas seem really nice for camping during warmer weather. We thoroughly enjoyed hiking the trail and saw lots of deer tracks, ducks, and squirrels. There were many families camping with children, but the campground has a nice, quiet vibe that we really enjoyed. There is a Dollar General just a few minutes away as well as a well-appointed grocery store should you need any last minute items. We cannot wait to visit Indian Creek again!