Lauren A.

The Dyrt Pro

East Merrimack, NH

Joined February 2021


It was fun to feed cows and walk goats. Cute farm. Ok playground, large field for pickup style games. Sites are small and not well divided. I had neighbors complain that we were on their side of the post, owners family/staff came to say that no we were fine. No sandy beach, but it's Maine after all. Tidal, and all that includes. Beautiful sky of stars. Quiet hours are enforced and respected. Few neighbors had fires past 2,3 am without issue. We are actually looking at going back this summer.

Love it

This is one of our favorites. So convenient, close to everything, but when you're there all the distraction is gone. Private sites right on the water. Lots to explore. Nice beach for kids to play and swim. Playground at beach. Does get mucky beyond the swim zone. Bathrooms are fine for their purpose, but are limited- not the cleanest. Dogs welcome.

Love it

One of our favorite non ocean go to stops in RI. Friendly, safe. Convenient. A lot to explore and enjoy.

Nice campground

We went memorial day weekend few years ago, busy holiday of young teens partying. Park staff tried their best, but other campers definitely took away from our stay. Loud throughout. Our site was fairly far from services, long run with small kids in the middle of the night. Not our favorite place, but to be fair mostly based on our site and neighboring campers.

Hiked in

Its been awhile, but we enjoyed hiking all day and a restful camp at night. Quiet, primitive, but safe and just what we needed to recharge from our adventure.

Love it

Love it. Great friendly staff. Stay right on the water. Clean and safe. Fun for kids.

Love it

Great family friendly campground. Large sites, not super private, but we also stayed right on the beach. Clean. Safe. Friendly staff.

Love it

We love Hermit Island. Very primitive, but thats part of the fun. Private oceanfront getaway. No dogs except one weekend a year. This was nice before I had a dog. No barking. No radios. Just peace and quiet. It has become a little cliquey with "regulars" and "third generation visitors" some feel entitled to leave their belongings at the beach to claim their spot. Reservations are very old school - mail a letter and wait. Mosquitos are a problem. Last time we were there I was packing up for bed, making sure everything was closed and put away, and my cat rubbed against my leg… Only it wasnt my black and white housecat, yup, big fluffy skunk with no fear. Lots of wildlife - deer, skunks, porcupines. The island is beautiful. The views are breathtaking. One of our favorite places, but with our Doggo and reservation issues we make other choices.