Lauren A.

Houston, TX

Joined September 2020

Rude employees

et me start this by saying that the park is beautiful but the reason we will not be returning and we will pay to go elsewhere is a particular employee. She is an older lady with chin length gray hair who was so unbelievably rude to us!!! We had already been staying at the park for a day and had our car tagged. We had left for the day and when we came back, the gate was open. We stopped at the stop sign and looked inside and no one was there and we went through the gate and next thing we hear a woman screaming at us and when we backed up and started rolling down the window, she literally yelled for my husband to put on a mask, which he did with no problem and then she yelled this is a federal park and you can’t just come in and my husband nicely said “yes ma’am we have a reservation” and he pointed at our car tag and she rudely goes well I didn’t see it and there is a stop sign for a reason and my husband says well the gate was up and I did stop at the stop sign and we looked in and no one was there and she rudely goes “well the gate is broken and I was washing my hands” and then storms off. Not once was my husband rude to this lady. If your gate is broke and you want people to do more than just stop at your stop sign and you want them to wait to be waved in, then put a sign. There are a ton of other handwritten signs at the gate house. There was no reason for us to be treated that way. I’m so very disappointed in this place.