Laura Nicole A.


Youngstown, NY

Joined August 2020

Simple, quiet place

This campground is not for everyone, as it’s mostly long term campers and pull-alongs. It is set right on beautiful Lake Ontario, across from the Toronto skyline. It’s a quiet simple pretty place.

Thus far, my favorite spot

There’s no explaining the views around here. The mountains are beautiful, Lake Placid is beautiful, and this campsite is amazing. It’s pretty secluded, and from what others have said.. yes, beware of the roads coming in. 40MPH is too fast for these torn up roads. The campsite itself is great. They have cabins, lean-tos, and tent sites. My boyfriend and I braved the 12° nights and pitched a tent. There were a lot of campers, but the sites are spaced out and people were very respectful of noise/lights/other campers. I was bummed out to see no wildlife, but we did see a moose print on the hike up Mount Marcy!! (Unfortunately I only made it about 3/4 of the way and had to come back down. Not in amazing shape, but working on it 😂)

This is really one of my favorite spots. The Adirondack Loj is warm and inviting. The facilities are clean and well kept. I will FOR SURE be visiting again soon.


I haven’t been here in a while but people mostly stay here for one of two reason. Because they don’t want to drive home drunk from a concert, or they have 14 loud kids that want to be at the amusement park. Both options come with about 2 hours of sleep 🙂

College party

This site may as well be called “Singles Night.” Unfortunately because of its prime, touristy location in Lake George, it’s FULL of teenage-25 year old college kids. Multiple complaints rolled into the registration office of loud party animals up all night, with no respect for quiet time or Mother Earth (litter EVERYWHERE) Groups of kids that can only be described as “DTF” were just walking around all night looking for hookups. The sites are small and tight together, and close to loud roads. Lake George is gorgeous, but much too touristy for my blood. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in my early 30’s and love a good time, but this was just hell. I had to purchase ear plugs to sleep. We promptly left at 5:30AM. Sorry, we took no photos.

PERFECT camping

This is one of my favorite spots thus far. We stayed on the south side of the lake, right on the water. We had breathtaking views and were able to slide our kayaks right in, on our site. Everyone was respectful and the sites are a good distance from each other. I highly recommend this site. 203, was perfection.


This was one of my favorite sites yet. They’re a bit further away from each other and the woods around them are thick. I did have to ask our neighbors to stop blasting “Pitbull” at 11:30PM but other than that, it was a great stay.


This was a perfect weekend getaway. Kayaking in Cayuga Lake was not lacking some beautiful views. The sites are slightly close together but everyone was incredibly respectful and quiet by 10pm. It was a peaceful and relaxing stay. Would recommend!

Simple, easy, beautiful sunsets

This isn’t the biggest or fanciest place but it’s simple and wonderful for a weekend getaway. The sunsets you’ll catch on Lake Ontario are some of the best you’ll see. You can’t swim off the ledges, but this place is worth it. (and it’s cheap 🙂)