This is really a very nice park. With senior pass it is half price. There are deer everywhere in park(fawns and even Bucks). Like COE’s it is spacious with good space between sites. Lots of shade trees. Access lake is good all around park. Park is kept clean and restrooms, showers cleaned everyday. Need to trim trees better to keep limbs from falling. Sunset scenery around mountains is beautiful in evenings. Negatives are no WiFi , no antenna tv. Satellite can even be hard to get in some spots. This is negative only because of bad weather alerts.


Another good COE campground. A lot of large spacious campsites and they were clean. Some right on the water. A lot of waterfowl and wildlife. Also a lot of access from shore to fish. Restrooms and showers were clean. A lot of COE campgrounds we stay at are very nice and the price is right . Especially with senior pass. The only problem I had was there was a boat going up and down the lake cutting up grass growth on water. They would do this for a few hours everyday. Very noisy! The Staff were very nice and helpful.


This is another good COE. Sites are spacious with space between sites. Lots of trees with Spanish Moss. Very pretty. Good fishing from boat or shore. Restrooms and showers were clean. The only problem I have is there is a paper mill close and makes noise. Not real bad but loud enough to notice and produces unusual smell when wind blowing in right direction. Also military planes fly over campground. Pretty low. This doesn’t really bother me but may bother some people( fort benining)Campground was clean overall and staff was friendly.8

Fairview better than Tim’s Ford

Some really nice sites on lake and shaded. Inner sites are nice as well and have sewer. Good space between sites. 30 and 50 amp. The old section that was for yearly rental is gone. Big plus because these are nice sites as well. Restrooms and showers were clean but could’ve better. Great place for kayaking and swimming. Roads in park have couple of bad spots but they have been working on them. Need to enforce their dog lease rules. Again Tennessee should update this park. Get with it ! The potential is great.

Tim’s Ford

Has some nice sites. Very well shaded. 30 amp only. The park has great hiking trails. Restrooms were clean. Good fishing areas. There are dogs kept inside a fence at the park. Suppose this is at Rangers house. They bark a lot. Very annoying. Never seen this at a state park. Tennessee needs to update this park.