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Porter Ranch, CA

Joined September 2020

Large Campsites

This campground is located about 12 miles off the interstate with easy paved access all the way to the campground. The campground is very well maintained and clean. There are covered picnic areas and group camping area. The fee is$8.00 a night, but can be discounted with national park access pass. Other than the short path around the painted rock exhibit, there wasn’t much to do in the surrounding area, but if your looking for a nice retreat/getaway for dry camping, this is the perfect place for it. The sites are very large and spaced apart with picnic tables and fire rings. There are some ADA accessible with paved area under both.

Very large dispersed parking area

This location is open to all Elks USA Members. It has a very large dry camping area and RV storage area. There is plenty of room even for group camping. We had ten RV’s and trailers in our group and didn’t put a dent in the available parking area. The fee is a$5.00 donation per night. The lodge itself is also a very nice size and friendly people. We were there on Friday night for dinner and the special was really good and also have a menu of appetizers and entrees to choose from. They are also open on Saturday for lunch. Not sure what the weekly hours are.

Back Again

I have found that this is a nice location. If you want to visit in this area, it is very conveniently located about three miles from the Organ Pipe National Park. There is a campground in the park. It offers paved parking and barbecue grills, but it still dry camping. Since this is free I find it a lot better for dry camping. It is close to a town called Why, that has gas, and a restaurant called Grannies that has the best burritos this area has to offer. Can also get ice and propane at the gas station there. I chose to Camp close to the road, because I don't mind the noise from traffic, I feel it is a little soothing at times personally. The BLM area goes back several miles and if you don't mind driving in a little farther in, it is much quieter. I really like this area BLM land and I'm sure to come here again and again.

Really great campground

This campground is really nice and very well maintained. Upon entry into the campground, signs were up saying the place was full. Was so glad I made reservations online through their website. Check-in was very easy and all campground staff seem very friendly. There are several camp hosts, it looks like one per loop.

The sites are all gravel and most seem fairly level. Most seem to be back in and some can be a bit tricky for the less experienced. There are some pull through sites, but not very many.

The scenery is really nice, but there are also many scenic pull over sites along the ride in, but best to go after you unhook your rig as they don't to be large enough to accommodate trailers or large rigs.

There are very nice clean bathrooms with running water and a sink behind them for washing dishes. I only saw grills in some tent only sites, so bring your own if you want to grill some food.

The sites seem to be separated by a lot of vegetation, but voices do carry, Lots of family and dogs walking. Everybody seemed very friendly. Although Covid is still a real threat, he only people I saw wearing masks were the employees, so social distance is very important.

All sites have 30 amp hookups, but water and dump stations are available. There are also water spigots throughout the camp. They also request you separate your trash for recycle and recycle bins are available. 

I do prefer BLM camping for the privacy, but there are none I could find in this area. This place was a really nice place to stay, and they do have a 7 say strictly enforced limit. Peak season is January 1st through March 31st.

OK, but not for me.

This is one five of 14 Day LVTA camping areas in the Quartzsite vicinity. It has a host on site. Lots of flat open spaces. It is managed by the Bureau of Land Management(BLM). BLM lands have special rules, fees ( sometimes none) and can be popular with boon-docking. I only had a look around,. It did seem smaller and more densely populated than the other areas. I decided to continue on up the road and ended up staying in open BLM area just beyond Quinn pass. I have T-mobile service and phone was good, but data was painfully slow.

Very Large14 day limit BLM

This is one five of 14 Day LVTA camping areas in the Quartzsite vicinity. 

It was a very large site that had entrances on both sides of the road that each had their own host. Lots of flat open spaces. It is managed by the Bureau of Land Management(BLM). BLM lands have special rules, fees( sometimes none) and can be popular with boon-docking.. I have seen other reviews saying it was free to stay here, but there are signs that say LTVA permits are required for use between September 15th and April 15th. Seasonal fee is $180.00 and 14 day permits were $40.00

I only had a look around, and decide to move on looking for actual free locations.

Nice area, but to many campers for me.

This is a very nice long term (14 day) campsite, very close to the highway noise, and I prefer some place less crowded and quieter. Very easy access to and from the freeway. I would definitely consider this place for a stopover when traveling through and needing a rest.

Looks like there was a recent fire here

Camping along the river is great, but the main dispersed camping area looked as if there was a fire there recently. Some campers there, but lots of burnt trees and ash.

I did find a beautiful spot along the river, and a nice clear path to the river. The sounds of the river reached my RV and was so soothing and relaxing,

Nice Winter Hideaway

Very nice location only 4.5 miles from town market. The sign entering the park says "Permits Required" but I spoke to some campers that came here every winter and said that stopped about four years ago and no one there that I spoke to had one.

There is and area for horses and a picnic area with tables and grills.

Nice place to stay when passing through or to stay awhile.

Really nice location.

I don't care for densely populated campsites, but don't want to be off in the middle of nowhere alone either. Feel safer when there are some others near by.

That said, I started today at the Plomosa Road Campsite which had a host on site, required registration, but was free. Quite a lot of RV's there. Went 2 to 3 miles further and was in the BLM dispersed Camping area. It was much nicer, had good cell signal, but was flat and plain terrain. Continued abut another 10 miles on Plomosa Road and came across a historic marker called Quinn Pass, then continued about another  two miles and found the perfect spot I was looking for. Very Scenic, dispersed campers, but not to many and good phone and internet coverage.

I think the homeless people even moved out!

I think the name and the other review for this location is off a bit. As far as I can tell. it is actually called Ehrenberg Sand bowl and access is actually on Cibola Road. I confirmed this using Google maps satellite view and images to match a photo I took at this location. It might be fun for OHVs, but wouldn't stay here.

Very Nice Views

Drive in road fairly smooth, slightly nartow in some areas. I only went in about 6 miles to marker 60. I saw 4 Sherriff's vehicles coming out on my way in. Makes the area feel safer. Camp areas were spaced far apart and some were fairly large. The first two miles in from the main road is BLM land. Many large camp areas there that could even handle group gatherings.

Easy Access, Beautiful Location

This is a really beautiful location. Only about 20 minutes from Quartzsite.

There is another location nearby named Kofa National Wildlife Refuge - Palm Canyon Road, however this location differs as it is BLM land whereas the other location is a national park. Camping in an RV or trailer is better here as there are much bigger sites. many already have fire pits built from rocks. The road is unpaved but was recently grades and fairly smooth.

I have T-Moble service here and have good phone service, LTE data, but extremely slow. Better than nothing.

Nice day trip to view Border Wall.

Didn't really see any place to camp here. Was a nice trip and scenic view of the border wall.

Fantastic Location in Center of Joshua Tree National Park

Loved this location. Accommodates large RVs Trailers and Tents. Large camping areas isolated form other sites. Clean and fairly easy access. When you get to the end of the road, you can go Right or Left. There is a sign that says no Trailers, but doesn't indicate which direction it applies to. Left circles around, right is dead end. Be careful which way you choose.

Very nice small campground

Nice area for RVing. Good size campsites. Full hookups, Public Restrooms and nice playground area. There is a camp host on site and the Ranger makes at least a daily visit. Someone was still in our reserved spot, They were not in their trailer at the time and the Ranger said they could have the Rig towed, but we opted to have the Ranger change our reservation to another nice site.

Note: Be aware of checkout times, not just here, but any campground as it would be awful to come back to fine your RV had ben towed to an impound lot.

Nice place for a stop over.

Very nicely laid out dry camping area. Difficult to find at first because it is located right off the Interstate and looks like a normal rest area with Fuel and Eating places. There is a small dirt road that leads back behind the General Patton Museum. After that the signs clearly show the campground.

Nice Location just outside the main part of Joshua Tree National Park

It was a very nice camping location however there is virtually no signage to direct folks to a campsite number- very poor . The roads are paved, but are in horrible condition.

Sites vary in size. Make reservations on and make sure the site you pick is adequate in size for your vehicle. Many sites are pull through, although mine was a bit tight to pull in due to a Joshua tree and vegetation on one side. The site was fairly large and nice picnic table.

Public restrooms' are available and Wi-Fi is available near the main building. 

This is a nice location if you want to be close to shopping and also close to the main entrance to the National Park.

Nice Getaway location close to Pyramid Lake reservoir

Campground has three separate site loops with about 90 Dry Camp camp locations. Water spigots are available in some areas, but not for permanent hookup. I was here in November and it was pretty empty except for the weekend. Some people changed their minds about camping as often in California, there is high risk of fire and no campfires or BBQ's were allowed.

Common areas and every other site was closed due to Covid restrictions. Camp host was very friendly. Some nice hills for hiking and Pyramid lake was close by, paid access to the lake was not included in campground fees.

Restrooms are available and cleaned daily.

I enjoyed my stay here and there was plenty of room for walking my dogs.

First to Review
Great location, Usable only for Elks Members and their Guests

This is a very nice location central in the small city of Aho.

There is a large space behind the lodge for DRY camping. The charge for staying here is listed as a recommended donation. The area for camping is a bit tricky to get into as it requires backing in and making a 45 degree turn, but there is room for full size class A or truck with trailer. I Have a 24" trailer and there was also two Class A RVs there with additional towed vehicles. Parking lot is well lit.

Nice area behind the lodge for a dog walk along the old railroad tracks. Wi-Fi is available to lodge members in and near the building. I had T-Mobile and Voice coverage was Great, but data was roaming which was used up if a couple hours.

The town is only a very short walk from the Gallery which has a Market, Café , thrift shop, art gallery and Public Library (which has free computer access and Wi-Fi) Wi-Fi Can also be access from outside the library 24/7.

No big box stores or fast food in town, but there is Olsen's Market/Ace Hardware, Dollar General and Dollar Tree stores.

The Staff and Members of the Lodge are very friendly and food is served several nights a week. The American Legion has Dinner to the Public on Fridays and is only about a mile away. The Copper mine is well worth the view and the Museum is very interesting. (operates on donations).

I stayed here  a couple days and when I needed to dump and fill fresh water, I went for the weekend at Organ Pipe National Park which was about 45 minutes away (Reviewed separately). then returned to the Elks Lodge for a few more days before leaving. There are also several RV parks and gas stations nearby where you can dump and fill Propane tanks.

This may not be in the Boondocks, but sometimes I like camping out near the convenience of civilization like the laundry mat near by.

I was here in December and the City Christmas decorations on the street lights were a nice reminder Christmas was near.