Lance T.


San Tan Valley, WA

Joined February 2020

Park close to historic township

Park has good sites. Only a few trees though. Facilities are good. Management is good. Town is very historic. A good staging location to visit the wilderness areas where Elk herds roam in the evening. Great fun!

Modern Campground

Lots of amenities ,but as of this visit date, due to COVID, some of these are closed. Well laid out with nice views of country side. Slight freeway noise but OK IMO. Concrete pad and nice pea gravel in site - virtually no dust/dirt. Spacious too. 

Main issue was the water. After sitting in hose for many hours it would turn yellow to orange. 

Running several gallons through would result in clear water again. We wouldn’t drink it. This was in the 1300 row.

First visit

Little crowded