Kyndall W.

Johnson City , TX

Joined August 2020

Definitely a Top Fav State Park

I’m so surprised I hadn’t been here yet, but it’s just gorgeous. Pine needles everywhere, beautiful lake. We tent camped and we weren’t too close to the people around us. Completely surrounded by huge trees. The bathroom had a lot of spiders but I’d expect that. The showers drained super slow but you just have to take a quick one. I appreciate the parking at your spot a lot. A nice cold front (and storm) came in during the night and blew out the humidity and it just got that much better. We went on the long trail in the evening and heard coyotes which was cool. We turned around though lol.

New Favorite State Park

We stayed at the primitive campgrounds on the island and it was just perfect. The entire park was booked up for Friday night, and we got the very last site. I really lucked out with this spot I was so happy to be on the island. There was this factory next door but it added a weird sort of atmosphere that I liked. When we hiked the trail around the island and it was just gorgeous. The closest bathrooms were the best I’ve seen at a park, but they didn’t hav showers, but that wasn’t a big deal for one night. I didn’t get to see the rest of the park but if it’s anything like the island it’ll be amazing.