Platte River State Park

There are many many campsites here but they are all very nice and it's a very quiet place to relax. They have a few ponds with great fishing and access to the river for fishing and boat launching.

Lewis and Clark SRA

I really enjoyed Lewis and Clark except when I booked the campsite the website said it was a hike-in site and it was only yards from my car in an opened area. I was very disappointed but it was a very slow weekend and only one other group there so it wasn't a big deal. I had a full view of the lake and the surrounding area and it was beautiful. It was very quiet and enjoyable to camp at.

Lake Minatare SRA

At Lake Minatare there are primative and normal campsites. The primative spots are where ever you feel is fit. You can build your own campfire, which I found fun, and build your very own campsite the way you like it. You can camp right on the beach or tucked away if you want. A lot of locals come and fish by the campsites but they are very respectful of your space and will either keep to themselves or turn right around and leave. The fishing is great there, just depends on the time of the year.

Wildcat Hills Canping

There are only about 4 campsites in Wildcat Hills but there are various campsites around the area. The campsite is right off a well traveled road in the park. They are also at the trailhead of a very nice trail that splits into various trails along the way. The campsites are very close together but camping there is not very popular.