lots of mosquitos

went during late june. mosquitos swarm the camp in the mid mornings and dusk. other than that the place is pretty well shaded. all reserved campsites were takin so there was some people. although the campsites were well dispersed. there are vault toilets at camp units 1,2,4. we happened to stay at 3. 😂. the were a few pain in the “A” campers, but the offroad trails near by allowed us to get away from them. the fire tower at the jeep trail has some stunning views. beware the stair climb. its old wood and creeky scary. temperature was high 80’s in the day and low 40’s in the evening. fairly clean restrooms. bear lockers to protect ur food. a near by creek and dry creek beds, home to mosquito hatchlings. errrrrrfh!

Secluded and Quiet, beautiful surrounding canyon walls

extremely tough drive and or hike in. ww took elephant hill road. this 4x4 is NO joke. high edges, steep cliffs, big boulders. tight squeezes. small wheel base lifted 4x4 preferred. we had an xterra, 08 runner, 03 tacoma (built) and 08 land cruiser. the cruiser had tough time squeezing through canyons walls. there was a section where you had to offroad backwards..wowz. wsooooooo glad to make it to camp safely. was so nervous through traversing the trails. took about 4-5 hrs to get through elephant hill road. arrived at Devils Kitchen camp 2 and 3. there are vault toilets at camp and pretty clean. took another 5 hours to get out through devils lane the next day. camped in late March, spring break week. temperature was chilly. 45 to 65 f

chillest of the chill

went during spring break, late March. the view is so chill. next to the river, and high up away feom the mosquitoes. waking up to this campground was soooooooooo refreshing! the views oh, and the night sky. yeas! temperature was cold. mid 30’s to high 40’s

Gorgeously Wet.

very wet, but adds to the rainforest effect.

Great offroad beach swim park

A great place to have a combination of playground fun. Offroad trails, beach, good hot weather for swimming, jet ski's and boating if you got em. Get a tan, and go explore, so many options here. Although, well known and pretty crowded. We hadfo squeeze in between a couple of bice rv campers who accepted us. Not the most comfy campsite unless you RV.

Good base camp spot to rest

Nice cozy spot, people are friendly, the sound of rushing water around us, lots of trees, lots of shade, clean restrooms and cool hosts. Friendly people. The trees and location definetly regulate the hot temperatures really well. We spent time here just to eat, and sleep, as the scenery and adventures are around the camp. We stayed close to the camp host at camp 71, who was definetely helpful when it came to a lack of resources…. (toilet paper). Campsites, are pretty close to each other and not much for privacy. Fire rings, and bear lockers are provided, but are kinda close to each other. Overall, just a good rest spot for the adventures around. Which is gorgeous this time of year.

A miniature switzerland

The most relaxing place ever.. at that time. Just came back from there few weeks ago. The sunday morning was perfect paradise. Campgrounds had just opened not to long ago, and was fairly empty at the time. Camp grounds are clear, fire ring benches and bear lockers. Nothing amazing, but Plenty of shade, tall trees, and a nice chill refreshing breeze of wind every few minutes. Spent most of the time at the lake. Place was peaceful, we laid out by the lake, setup our hammocks, fished, cooked, and hiked around the lake. The scenery around the lake was gorgeous. The mountains in the background had hues of red green and snow white. At the far end of the lake was a gushing waterfall. The waterfall was coming down from crystal lake above. Hiking up to the top was a bit tough because of the incline, lots of bushes, some snow patches, and some bugs. Not enough to bug me though. Overall, this is a must repeat! See for urself

Beautiful cozy campground surrounded by boulders

Very cozy campgrounds. The entire campgrounds are surrounded in a wall of boulders varying in shales and sizes. Tons of fun to scramble and boulder on. We wenf in July and the evening temps were fantastic. No need for tents or sleeping bags. Just a mat and a thin blanket, and sleep under the stars. Although the sounds of coyote packs passing by in the pre dawn mornings can raise a hair or two. Many of the individual camps are well secluded and tucked under or near by boulders. The gynormous boulders surrounding the entire hidden valley camp makes for pretty good shade and sunset photos. All campsites have fire ri gs and bench tables, nearby vault toilets that are well dispersed through the camp. My favorite camps were 16, 17. Next woukd be 22,23. These camp sites are often filled throught the year. Best time to get em is early in the am. First come first serve, $15 a night.

Camping on another planet

Felt like i was camping on another planet. Monumental red rocks and formations everywhere. We entered canyonlands white rim trail form shafer pass. Wowz… looking down the trail from the top. Its long narrow winding switchbacks descending a couple thousand feet info the canyons. Incredibly fun to mountain down! It was sandy and extreme dirt. As we passed along white rim trail there are numerous views. Ill let the pictures do the describing as it would take me forever to type this out.

Arriving at camp was like 1 tree. There are clean large vault restrooms near by. This area i believe has three campsites. We occupied A and B. Closest to the canyon edge. We went in July, (not the best time) it was around 104 degrees F. But the evening was a nice 75 degrees F. Besides the awesome temps in the evening, the view of space, was almot graspable by hand. Moly frikkin so many stars. Fortunately we had some nice canon cameras to campture it.

This is my favorite campsite of all.

Comfy makeshift hotel in a campground

this is the ultimate glamping. Bunk beds, electrical outlets, private patio with awning and round picnic table, even curtains for your shared sleeping quarters. Near by clean restrooms running hot water. Id recommend wearing sandals for showering. Nice open space between campsites. We had the campsites reserved months in advance next to the river. It was pretty dry the this time. Enough water to capture some great photos. In the campgrounds there were large bear lockers, and well distributed benches and fire rings. Quiet time is 10pm and they are strict about it. Cant reallly complain about yosemite though. Its just pure beauty.

A fun park-ish kinda camp

actually just got back from this campsite, which is pretty well maintained. Has a good nature feel to it. Lots of greens surrounding the area. Good for groups.. if you get neighboring sites. all campers around here were very respectful. Although the camp host lady seemed to be having a bad day and was yellong at quite a bit of people including myself. So apparently the speedlimit is 10mph and is well posted infront of the camp entrance. There is also a little bright yellow stick figure of a kid with a cap holding a flag to the left the drive entering the campgrounds. As i entered the campsite in my car at 10mph, the camp host in her campsite, yelled at me to slow down, and hand aignaled me to slow down. Sure i did.. and moved along to my campsite. Apparently she felt i did not get the message. Down the drive way from her camp, we noticed her speeding down the roads through camp to our camp to talk to us about the speed. Long story short it ended friendly.. and she got back in her golf cart and sped away at a good 20mph, while yelling at a couple of 10 year olds to stop fishing in the creek next to campgrounds in the dark. And the camp hosts says she has a really really good eye for judging speed of vehicles coming through the campsites. Also, your not suppose to fish in the dark. We also learned that the smell of our vanilla scented candles that was left in the vault toilet restroom makes her puke. So she removed the candles from the vaulted toilets next to our site. The campgrounds itself was nice. Campgrounds 14, 15, 16. Just past the drive is a nicely flowing riverish creek. It was about thigh deep and comfortably chilly. Greatfor fishing. We caught a total of about 6 trouts in one day. The near by lake crowely has some amazing formations. The lake was about 20 minutes away from camp via 4x4. Excellent campgrounds, the camp host, I'm pretty sure is a nice person.

Gorgeous sunset river camp. Terrible swarm of bugs!

First of the road to get there is pretty sketchy. Some gnarly long long hefty climbs and holes. We took our time slowly and on 4 LO. Plus the views, we took to long and had to drive into the place as it was getting dark. So it got dangerous. a good portion of the road was a long stretch of cliff edge.. scary as it was getting dark. However, the sunset glowing over the canyons and the mighty colorado river was majestic. Stunning Stunning stunning views. Camp in the evening was great. Large clean vault toilet restrooms near the river. Amazing.

however….. the morning… the river makes for a nice view, but also a good home for bugs. I literally woke up to bugs, mosquitos, tiny ones, gnawing at the screen of my tent ready to take a bite of my flesh. We had all different types of bug spray, candle repellents…. none of which worked. We we're almost being eaten alive, and as soon as the sun came up, it was baking our skin. Bug biting burning sun rays, really hit us… we quickly packed up and left before the temperatures got to a hundi…

well only come back in cooler temperatures..and large netted tents.. and netted head mask…

Hot bare , cool mushroom rocks, large cracks

We got there early in the after noon. The drive getting to the place is a oretty gnarly drive. Definitely need lifted 4x4 for unexpected terrain. We were in 104 degree F weather. A dew climbs with some nasty pot holes. Fortunately plenty of rocks to fill up the larger holes. You'll find some of the climbs a close to the edge. It git my heart pounding a bit. We saw some nice rock formations, lots of large canyons. We spent a good amount of gume driving near the edges of the canyons. Spectacular views. Washer woman, totem poles rocks. The camp grounds itself wasnt so great, however, a few yards down is the reason why its called white crack camp. Large mushroom white top rocks, and a large crack! We ended up lulling tarps in between trucks to hang out in the extreme heat! Did our best to deal with the heat with photo opportunities

Lots of Space, lots of trees, well secluded

This place is very very cool. Its got that nice wilderness feel. At the same time, plenty plenty of space for super large groups. Plenty of apace for cars. We had about 30 people for a birthday party. The firepit is the largest ive ever seen! The place was so large we setup our own playground with an aerial silk stage. Weather at camp was extremely comfortable 68-73 degrees F. Due to mass amount of shade provided by the surrounding trees. There are many benches and shared vaulted toilets around the area. We went in late August. Such a great place to hang with alot of good friends.

Driving to the place was like driving through a maze in the forest. Road was all dirt, slightly maintained, a few rough spots, but passable via regular passenger sedans at the time. Dont know what its like when its wet though. Id imagine muddy. We drove around to a near by swimming hole that had a small natural water slide, and to bass lake, beautiful place for a lake swim. Also a popular one. My favorite was shuteye peak, little over an hour drive i think it was. The view, oh my. However you will need a very capable, lifted 4x4 vehicle to get there. Its an offroad trail rated hard. There's many hefty climbs near the end, during the climb i was driving on a granite slab, with occasional boulders protruding from the mountain side (passenger). The edge side (driver), a bit close to steep edge, but had a stunning view of the mountain ranges.

Very Bare Kinda hot

The place was very bare and pretty hot. A few tall bushes and patches of trees around made for some good shade. But not very much. A lunch bench/table fire ring / grill. There are restrooms and drinking water but not very many. Fortunately you can park right next to camp. The place was pretty empty the time we were there. We went late April. Sunset evenings was nice and weather was comfortable. About an 75 degrees F with a beach like wind gust. This made it super comfortable at the dunes. The camp spot is really just a spot to take a break, and head out to explore death valley. I wouldnt stay there longer than 1 night, and only at night, specially between march and november. Although would make some good star pictures.

In the middle of Mars

I thought I was on Mars. No other life near by, but us. Giant bright Red canyons all over the place. With one significant red stone resembling an airport tower. Sun shine glowing across the rims of the canyons. Wowz. This campsite is one of the first campsites coming down shafer trail switch backs and bout couple hours south of white rim trail. Although shafer trail was closed at the time due to the roads being frozen over. I was told by the ranger a car had nearly slipped off one of the edges not to long ago. We went in late November. It was deceivingly freezing. We ended up taking the alternate route Potash. The roads to get to the camp is very narrow. Up on high edges and are not for the faint of heart …. and pretty beaten up and muddy at some parts. I'd recommend 4x4 with clearance. And the right shoes for your car. Good Terrain capable tires with big knobs. Although the views…. man o man the views. Temperature at the day times was about 30-36 degees F. The evenings were at one point 24 degrees. F. Amazingly, we we'rent the only campers there. Another family of four were at airport site A. And was well prepared in a large tent. We attempting cooking hot pot ( large pot of soup to filled with meats veggies, meatballs etc. ) for dinner. The large pot, with conventional butane stove could not heat up the soup. It was burning for over 30 minutes, on high. We ended up using a tiny JetBoil backpacking burner, which got the soup boiling within 5 minutes….. That jet boil was a dinner saver! There is a vault restroom (pretty roomy and clean) at each site, and of course no water. Must pack everything in and out! Will need to obtain an overnight permit to stay. 3 cars 15 people max per site

Holy moly eARTh art

Wonderful cozy campsite. We got there thanksgiving morning. Barely slept and went straight to having our turkey feast… yes Turkey, while camping. There was grill, bench, a lil shade and couple of nice spots for 2 tents. But the main attraction is all the view loints surrounding the campsite. Known as the island in the sky. For us, it was extremely weird weather. It was snowing, but there was sunlight and barely any clouds. We drove around the area to see all the view points. Oh My Oh My Gosh

my fav.. mesa arch… must see in at sunrise

Beautifully freezing!

it was thanksgiving weekend..quite a bit people still around … First of all Gorgeous place to camp. Campsites arent huge, but very comfortable. Completely surrounded by rocks bush, some bush trees, and at that time lots of Snow. Blankets of snow. We had some hikes just behind our site. Nice comfy bench and fire pit. Cozy place.. and cold place in late november. But the hikes around the area … exquisitely gorgeous, i forgot about the cold. Ill let the pictures do the describing

Cozy Relaxing Mountain Wilderness

Tough drive, very narrow roads with steep drop offs. Scary drive in the dark. Its a thin road with 2 way traffic. Barely room to pass up on coming cars. Albeit a very scenic drive. This place is everything a wilderness seaker is looking for. Cozy village cabins, high uo in the mounatinous forest. Hiking trails leading to gorgeous lakes, hot springs tubs scattered around and across a clean chilly river. Secluded enough for bears to roam around likes its their hood.

Everywhere is a perfect picture

Gorgeous scenery cool looking rock formations. The jumbo size rocks calls out to you. Just about everywhere I stare off into gives me a sense of cool and calm awww. Sunets and sunrises are amazing here. The evening stars are super shimmering shiny. Perfect night time photography location. Fun all around for the kids, teens, and adults. Everyone loves these rocks, hallways of jumbo rocks, and mini caves. Its a Huge Playground.

Clean vault restrooms, no running water, benches and fire pits.

The back yards of camp site 76-79 is a huge gynormous rock formations with so many rock formations to climb crawl Explore and photo! Hidden rock formations can be found around the area. FUN everytime, even when its 100 degrees! Night time weather is perfect! Extremely busy place. Especially spring and fall. The campgrounds pretty much is always Full, says the sign at the entrance to the campgrounds. This year 2017 especially, with all the storms, wildlife has bloomed all over joshu tree making it super super busy