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Right off the highway and right off the Ouchita Trail

If you're near the end (heading west) or got a late start heading east, detour north towards Potato Hill Vista for a flat area with a stone fire ring near Highway 88/1. You can throw down your tent here for the night. The side trail even leads to a parking lot off the highway if you're driving and want a place to camp or want someone to pick you up a few miles closer than Talimena State park.

Riverside camping

Has several camping spots right by the river. Lots of mowed open land between camping spots. The trail to the eponymous cave has many branching outs and is an interesting and not too long hike.

Waterfalls, rivers and caves

Several great trails. The trails cover wooded hills, follow and cross rivers, take you right up to the edge of cave entrances, cliffs and past waterfalls. Just a great little place. The park is clean, campsites as well and the cabins are snug little deals.

Scenic Seclusion

Beautiful views of the Missouri and Niobrara atop hervily wooded hills. Tent sites are either along the paved 1 way road or farther back in the trees of the hills via a short trail. Vault toilets are plentiful as well as water spigots. Has several nice trails and points of interest. Was very clean theoughout and well cared for. Also offers cabins and an RV campground.

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Most secluded spot around Council Grove Lake

2 different loops with a several waterside campsites and picnic shelters alongside each. Campsites include tent pad, shelter, picnic table and either a fire pit or an elevated grill. There is also water access that you can drop your boat into thats just adjacent for main Richey Cove campground's beach. Tent only camping allows you to get some quiet time in the out doors as its one of the least frequented of the campsites around the lake and the farthest north.

If you wanna camp... you could camp here!

Has a nice sandy beach! Part of it cordoned off for just swimmers to enjoy. Also a boat ramp and dock. A section of the campground is off on a small, narrow peninsula known as 'the island' and is a popular spot. Also has group camping sites, shower buildings and several bathrooms around the campground in addition to a playground. Nice, well maintained area right by the lake with lots of trees and easy access from the highway.

Lots of shoreline, good weekend spot

Well maintained electric hookup sites along the shore. Cabins also available. Playground and a couple beaches around the area. A popular boating reservoir.

Great National Park, easy access

This campground is located shortly after the Medora entrance to the park. Right by the Little Missouri River below the colorful hills that tower over the trees, this campground has beautiful views on its own and offers a good starting point to visit the rest of the park, with a couple trails nearby.

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A Good Boating, Tubing, Fishing, Swimming Lake

A nice, small, lightly sheltered campground just north of Isabel, South Dakota. Campground on north side of lake has a dock, boat ramp and small beach area for wading in. Also has picnic benches, small shelter and fire pit. There is also a second dock on the south side of the lake and a shooting range to the north of the campground. Just off of Highway 65, its a great, wide open lake with a couple back water spots. You can speed around tubing or troll over to one of the shores for some fishing.

Isabel has 2 gas stations, a great restaurant in Sparky's Bar and Grill and an RV park. Can catch their summer rodeo the first weekend of August.

Cool little Known Campground

Even more remote than its buddy, Reva Gap campground over in the Slim Buttes of Harding County, Picnic Spring Campground in the Cave Hills offers its own experience. Its a short drive from Highway 85 over to the hills, then up and into the Ponderosa pine forest capped butte that the campground is situated on. Small canyons border most of the campground as its surrounded by other buttes in this ancient place that is the Cave Hills, one of the oldest geological formations in North America.

There's plenty of 'trails' in the area, just check the Forest Service provided map to make sure you're still on public land. Some areas are leased out to ranchers and have cattle on them during different times of the year, so be mindful of any gates you pass through.

Different roads and trails through the Cave Hills can offer up a bunch of different sights and views from the expansive prairie stretching away from it, the little hillsides and meadows between buttes and all the wildlife that occupies it. The history of the place is fascinating as well and worth looking into.

Hidden Away Little Gem

The campground and reservoir is nestled away in the wooded hillls south of Timber Lake, SD. Campsites and shelters are spread out along the southern and eastern sides of the water. Little clearings along hillsides with plenty of shade from tree cover. The dam is a nice place to go canoeing, boating or you can do a little bit of swimming near the dock, though there isn't a great 'beach' like area.

There's a couple of campsites right across the road from the main dock. Or you can get further away from the water with sites farther up the road closer to the entrance. ATV trails in the hills surrounding the area.

Solitude with a view

Great little campground nestled in the pines of the Slim Buttes. Views of more buttes and the prairie to the west with certain spots. Area is gorgeous in one of the most remote areas of SD. Can drive to campging spots a fair distance in to be away from the highway, although the traffic is almost nonexistant.

Some trails to the north of Highway 20 and on the south end of Highway 79 that can take you above and along the cliffs of the buttes with some more spectacular views. You can do some back-country camping if you camp within a certain distance of the trails (grab a forest service map at the campground for reference of trails/roads and private property).

Camping spots in the campground are clean, mowed and have a small fire pit.