Kirsten A.

Ashburn, VA

Joined August 2017

Casual camper, I like to go in small groups or solo. Love adventure! 😎

When you have the whole campground to yourself

Went on a solo camping trip in the summer and I picked Rock Cliff because it wasn’t as open or crowded as Hailstone. It’s nicely tucked away on the opposite side of the reservoir. I expected to have a few neighbors, but still plenty of privacy. Instead, I found myself utterly alone, which was interesting. Perhaps I timed it right or maybe it’s normally this way. But it was nice not to deal with the prospect of inconsiderate neighbors or noise.

2 night stay

Overall it was a great visit. Lots of restrooms, easy access to hiking trails. My only complaint is that I wish they enforced quiet hours better. We had a huge group come in after 10pm and use their high beams to set up their tents and eat, loudly talking and laughing until 2am.