Good for cheap, but a little sketchy

I camped here the first night of my solo road trip along the Oregon coast. I knew this was where I was headed and luckily had it plugged into google maps already and had printed instructions, because it's a little hard to find.

You turn off of 101 and then drive for quite a while along a road that winds through neighborhoods and eventually into a more and more forested area. Then, you leave the nicely paved road and venture onto a rough, pothole filled dirt road (my poor Prius). You drive on this for quite a while as well before finally coming across what looks like might be campgrounds. I think some people stay out here for the full 2 weeks or whatever, because some of them certainly looked settled in. There are 4-5 sites that I could distinguish. There are definitely no facilities that I could find (luckily I wasn't expecting much).

There was plenty of space and a fire ring made of rocks, but it was filled with trash, so I didn't end up making a fire. 

Overall fine if your car is hardy and you're cool with roughing it

Would not recommend for tent campers

I found this site on the Dyrt before my trip as I was looking for a campsite for my Oregon Coast road trip. It was very convenient to get to from 101.

I got an email shortly after booking saying that they had moved my site from the one I selected due to construction. to be sure, when I got there, lots of construction was happening. I feel like I was moved to a place that was not a real site though, because the sign was handmade and it was very spacious, with the fire ring (not used in a long time and full of grass) very far from the picnic table. Space is fine, but this was too much and I felt kind of awkward as the only tent camper in the center of a ton of RVs.

The bathrooms were fine. There were 2 near me in the "bathhouse" and they required a code to get in, and one was out of toilet paper, with none to be found under the sink. There were showers in the bathrooms also, but I definitely wouldn't use them without shower shoes.

Great! And so beautiful!

I stayed at this campground for 2 nonconsecutive nights on a road trip up and down the Oregon coast. 

I booked online, which is always convenient, but in late March that was unnecessary. There were plenty of vacancies and I saw multiple groups sign up as they arrived. I was car camping, but there were plenty of spots for RVs and campers as well. 

The campsites were spacious with a picnic table and fire ring. There is also very easy access to the beach, especially if you are on the side of the loop closer to the ocean (otherwise it's only a few minute walk away). I was in site 9 one night (great!) and site 12 another (honestly wouldn't recommend as much, it was muddy and a little sloped).

The bathrooms are very nice, and it was easy to find the water spigots. 

Overall a great experience!