Kimberly G.

Plano, TX

Joined September 2020

Mossy views and lots of wildlife!

My friend and I camped here last fall, a last minute switch since we got rained out of other plans. We still got some rain in San Houston park, but it was tolerable. The sad hit was the firewood all around the area got damp, so we had fire trouble. Also, the park headquarters does not sell firewood or ice, so we had to hunt around for a gas station that did. The main trail is the Lone Star, which is neat, but you have to yoyo hike if you aren’t backpacking. The bridge to more views near our campground was out—looked like it was under construction. Might be done now! You’ve got to remember to bring cash to use around town and to put in the slot for camp payment. They don’t like credit cards around here.

The landscape of this area is not varied or incredibly interesting, but the tall mossy trees added some swampy grandeur, and we saw quite a lot of wildlife including a large hawk (at the campground) and a coral snake on our hike!

A hassle-free camping trip all around!

Usually when my friend and I go tent camping we have some hiccup in our plans—rain, damp firewood, lack of wood and ice to be purchased on site, trouble getting good maps, freezing to death at night, etc, but this trip really went without a hitch! They have a good website through which you can pick your campsite. We ended up with a pretty one by the creek that was more secluded than the others. It didn’t have a bathroom, but it was easy enough to drive over to the next site.

What is fun about Robber’s Cave is the variety of things to do. On our first day we went directly to the Cave area and enjoyed climbing on the rocks! Many views were pretty and the cave was not too puny either. The next day we explored more trails—one that was good and challenging—and then rented a kayak for the lake. It was only $5 for an hour! They’ve got mini golf, horse shoes, and a show cone stand to boot. The little camp headquarters also had plentiful ice and dry firewood to buy.

I guess if I have any criticism it would be that the bathroom was a bit dingy, but, heck, it had toilet paper! They also could have had better maps of some of the trails—we got just a little lost on one of the offshoot trails near the cave—but that’s what made it an adventure, really.