Beautiful land but SO. MANY. MOSQUITOES

We do an annual camping trip for multple families camping together and decided to give this location a try based on a recommendation. That said, unfortunately, we won’t be going back.

Starting from from the beginning…..

This campground does not have an online reservation system. You have to mail in your request or call. When calling during the ‘winter’ months (anytime from September through Mid-June), staff can only be reached from 9:00-2:00.

Because we needed multiple sites together, the availability was low so we ended up staying on Harbor Grove. Upon entering the road, all of our vehicles were swarmed by mosquitoes- SWARMED. We rolled up the car windows and covered ourselves immediately in loads of bug spray and set up camp.

Absolutely NO CELL SERVICE. Sounds like a good thing, right? Nope. Not for us because in case of emergency, couldn’t call anyone for help. Had to drive about a mile out to get reception. And yes, we brought a hotspot, but out there, it was useless.

We then left to get groceries. Closest grocery store was shaw’s, about 25-30 minutes away. However, we needed more - bug spray, thermocells, et al - so we went Brunswick to get everything, 30-35 minutes away. The camp store was very reasonably priced, accepts credit/debit cards and has a lot of the basics. We just needed more, so we had to leave the grounds.

Staff is excellent - we’d rate them 5 stars for friendliness and helpfulness. This place has pretty beaches and is secluded enough to allow easy water access for kayaking, hiking and swimming… but for the bugs. Even as seasoned campers, they were too much and due to bugs, we ended up leaving a day early.