This campground was good. There are 2 campsites with full hookups, that includes electric. But it was taken by RV campers when I got there. The sites there are family run.They don't maintain the campground very well. The showers were really clean and the site was pretty clean too. The site s fill up very quickly so you should go pretty early. I went at 9 in the morning and the sites were almost filled already. The sites are really big an can fit 3 5 person tents.

not the best site

Pretty cool place with a pool and playground. The site I stayed at were really used and everything there was dirt. The restrooms were ok and not as dirty as the outside site. There is fire rings, tables and shower. There was a store about 5 minutes walk that sold food and fire wood

First to Review

This site has a water pump, fire rings, and tables. In the day time the temperature gets really hot and the restroom has a smell come out. This site was very big and could hols a couple tents. It costed 20 dollars to make reservations but was total worth it. There is a lot of buffalo out hear ad there is a lot of dung

Marble creek

The campsite here are really big and can fit a couple people. You can go hiking in the area but you can also kayak. The river is really smooth and you can also fish. There is restrooms that are clean. There are fire rings with grills and a table. It gets kind of chilly at night and there is light fog in the morning. The site I was at was pretty clean.

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Graner Park

Oh boy does this site fill up fast. If you are to camp here come early. The site is only 3 dollars which is extremely cheap. The down side is that the sites are way too close together and at night other campers will wake you up. There are restrooms that aren't the cleanest. There's the usual table and fire ring

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Easley campground

This is a really popular campsite, probably because of the hot springs. There is a really pretty view of a field and mountains in the back. There are vault restrooms and there is no light so it gets pretty scary at night. There are fire rings and tables

Little camas

This is an old fashion site where everything is really old but still usable. This has been used by many campers over the years. You can tell from the wear on the site. The picnic table has a lot of names carved in. The bright side to this site is that it is free.


This campsite is the usual with fire rings, water, restrooms, and picnic table. This site has a lake and there is a lot of people fishing. the site costed me about 12 dollars which is really cheap.


I went on a day hike here and it was extremely wet. It was down pouring rain ans it was cold. You should bring extra layers or a poncho if you com to this area. The trail was well maintained so I can find my way back easily. There is a creek so if it rains there will be a wash.

Mill valley

Come early to secure a campsite. I did about a 2 mile hike and it was really beautiful. The down side is that the campsites are really close together and you can hear other campers laughing.

Jones fork

The campsites are free so that's a high light. The campsite i stayed at was a little dirty from previous campers. This is medium popular campsite. there are restrooms but no showers. There are fire rings and tables. There are a lot of kids when I stayed here

Lassen volcanic park

I came here for a visit and it was so spectacular. I did a hike to King creek falls and it was beautiful. I went in late spring and there was a lot of melting ice and it filled the rivers and waterfalls


I came here extra early to get this site because it is a first come first serve thing. The campsite I got was great. There was restrooms fire rings and tables. At night you have to store your food in the bear box because there are bears in this area. It was 18 dollars a night

Estrella mountain hike

I did a mini hike in this place. The trails are well maintained and some people used it for biking. There are a ot of restrooms everywhere. The place is also filled with cholla plants which is really really spiky

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long point

This place is a very popular campground so it does fill up fast. My campsite was very clean and maintained. There is a playground for kids, fire rings, showers, and picnic tables

First to Review

Great campsite, but very crowded. The staff was very kind and always checks in. The restrooms and showers is very clean. There are fire rings and picnic tables

First to Review

I came here totaly unprepared and ended up getting soaked. I didn't check the forecast and it started pouring. it gets really cold at night and the weather is unpredictable It was hot and sunny and then cold and wet. This place doesn't let you get i the water so I couldn't go kayaking

Rife river

I came here for a really short hike. he hike was like a nature walk for kids. There were a lot of kids here and Is worth it if you love identifying plants. The lake wasn't that big but did see people doing water sports

Pomeroy Lake

The first time i came here I didn't get a site. This site is a first come first serve site. I ended up staying at a motel and came early the next morning. There was already a line. There is more than 30 sites and it will be all gone. It about 16 dollars and has a fire ring and picnic table

Reid lake

I took a hike around the lake and it was wonderful.The hike wasn't too hard and is perfect for everyone. It was only 4 miles for the whole thing. There is a lot of squirrels and is running everywhere. There wasn't a lot of people on the trail