Shake it up!

So getting here will rattle the teeth outta your head — dirt county road. The campground is small but well-spaced so you have privacy. On the sandy shores of Lake Superior, this is a tucked away gem but it was so early in our site-seeing day, we didn’t want to get anchored to a place so far back from the direction we were heading!

Pretty campsite

We didn’t stay (too buggy/too muggy near a lake) but very picturesque for cooler season camping. The water has a lot of tannic acid in it (rust color) so didn’t think getting in the lake would be enjoyable; not from the color but from not being able to see into it. Call me weird. Make a reservation, it is pretty; and looks to be quite cozy for fall camping.

No no no

This place looks like a scene from a movie; like Vacation (1983) pool full of swans scene instead of RV (2006) picturesque scenes! Packed full, one spot (literally up to the highway — noise fetish?) and it was the roomiest; just looks sad. Lots of kids. We’ve raised ours, don’t mind kids, but when they’re bored and unsupervised, they are not enjoyable.

Friendly, helpful staff

This was a scenic spot but the RVs were packed in pretty close together. Lots of spaces left lots of bored little humans running around. We were close to staying — if for nothing more than the showers! But reconsidered. The staff was very helpful, gave us a map of spots that were available which we used to find a potential spot but then reconsidered. Would stay if nothing else within an hour’s drive. Picturesque, but crowded.

Glorified field

Not much to share here. RVs spaced about awning to awning in a field. They had power and water and sewer, but not much else to offer. Would consider if nothing else available within an hour’s drive.

Wonk wonk

You drive forever on a long, narrow spit of land jutting out majestically into Lake Superior only to arrive at this campsite built around a tiny little “lake” instead of on the shores of THE lake. Such a disappointment.

Life saver — if timed right !

No reservations, that’s on us. Looked at several after driving around all day sight-seeing. We called the number on the listing; got a pre-recorded message from the township. Decided to check it out in person. First, camping is divided up; two loops on beach side of the road, two loops on the non-beach side. We nabbed the last place on the beach side and could see Lake Superior from the site. Camp hosts were very accommodating considering we roll in just as they’re locking up shop around 8:00pm. Got us checked in and sold us firewood. We quickly set up and were on the beach in minutes. The water felt so good, we ran back up and got into trunks to swim. Brisk but totally swimmable. The beach was sandy, the lake-bottom sandy/small pebbles (no aqua-socks needed). The beach wasn’t AS pretty as other places we’d been but still had spectacular views. The trash was nearby, showers and flushing toilets a quick minute walk to other loop. Fire rings in each site and power/water posts (no generators, yay!). It’s worth driving over to see if they have a spot!

Charming and off the beaten path

We are winging our way around, getting to know Michigan for future trips so no reservations. This was one of the sites we explored (among many) and found it to be charming. Bring bug spray, the mosquitoes are 24/7. And someone else said it: watch out for jerky neighbors with noisy generators. Ugh. You can buy $80,000 worth of camper but get a generator from a discount store? Fortunately, it’s quiet time at 10:00pm (unless there’s a medical necessity — the camp host doesn’t quite get how HIPAA works in that regard) so you can at least get some shut eye. Firewood and wheelbarrow on site. No showers, vault toilets, and a water spigot. Did not visit the lake. Bring your camera if you’re into nature photography.

Stunning sunsets!

We didn’t have reservations but took a chance on the first-come sites and are we ever glad we did! The dunes were amazing! A short walk from the camping loops, the dunes open to the amazing shore of Lake Michigan. Take a stroll on the sandy beaches or wade into the sandy-bottom cool waters of the lake. The sites-loop circles around flush toilets and running water (no showers though). Great for strolling with the dog or riding bikes.


What a great little treasure! With easy beach access and clean amenities, thanks to great camp hosts who have two firewood/game cabinet stations in the campground, this little spot is wonderful to visit. Prices are reasonable and the limited size keeps it from being overrun with bored little humans. Sandy beaches and round rock lake bottom; bring aqua-socks for sensitive feet if going for a swim. Water was clean and cool but definitely swimmable.