Kera P.


Philadelphia, PA

Joined October 2020

Good for RVs, not great for tents

Crowded RV park, but had trees which was nice! Right off I-10 so traffic noise is always present. This would be a good place for RV camping, but not tent camping.

Nice amenities, clean, pet friendly

Light and noise pollution from being in town, off the road. Flat, groomed spots for tents. Offers laundry, showers, wifi.

Nice amenities for camping

Neat collection of cars and carts out front. Offers showers, laundry, wifi, and apparently they also offer church services. Traffic sounds and light pollution at night.

Closed no camping due to covid

Currently there is no camping in the park. We visited on Nov 12th, hoping to camp only to find out that we had to move on. The park is still offering guided canyon tours which we thought was odd - why allow strangers to group up for a tour, but not allow people to camp isolated in their own tent in a remote area?

Few amenities, nice views

Camped here while Bikepacking. Didnt need a reservation as there was only one other guest in an camper trailer. Each site had electric and water but no other amenities so for tent camping it was pretty basic. The owners drove up a few minutes after we arrived to collect the $10 camping fee from us. We thought it was a fair price. No bathrooms, so choose your bush wisely and pack out all trash. We had great sunset and sunrise views here. The site is a very short distance from the famous Marfa Prada art exhibit, basically a Prada storefront in the middle of the desert.

Cool and comfortable

$40 for 2 people on bikes with one tent. That’s the highest price we’ve ever paid for one night of tent camping with our own gear. This is a very nice place though. The camping area was spacious and we had a picnic table and small tree next to where we set up. Bathrooms, outdoor showers that are nice and hot with good pressure, sinks available. The self check in was great- book on, show up, grab a map of the campground and find your spot on your own. The other lodging options, ie tipis, canvas tents, yurts, etc seemed pretty cool but it appears they book up fast this time of year (week of Thanksgiving). The campground is close to town where you can find food and groceries. The only problem I find with these types of campgrounds is that there are a lot of novice campers who are inconsiderate of their noise late at night and in the early morning. Some people do actually want to sleep!

Friendliest place! Great views

Up on a hill overlooking the town of Presidio and Mountain views surrounding the property. Designated sites with water and electricity. Bathrooms and showers. Super friendly. Close to Presidio downtown, not a far drive from the highway 170 scenic drive or from Marfa.

Close to Big Bend

Good views, right off the road, close to Big Bend NP and the beautiful state park scenic drive area. Unfortunately I only took pictures of the beautiful Longhorns on location, but they were so cool!

Great views, well thought out

Absolutely beautiful campground. The tent camping area is huge and spread out. We stayed at #10 and the only downside was that there was a trail up to the ridge right by our site so other guests were walking by our site at all hours of the night and early morning for stargazing and taking in the sites - this is also a positive part about the campground so it evens out! Each site has a flat tent pad, picnic table, water, AND trash and recycling! There are clean bathrooms and showers (multiple bathrooms to accommodate guests) and the water was HOT with a strong pressure. The views here are amazing.

Dusty noisy and crowded

Firstly, no covid precautions anywhere. You would never guess there was a world pandemic by coming to this place. Tons of people packed in wherever they can fit, staff not wearing masks, bathrooms for the entire park’s use and not clean at all - no soap in the bathroom! Dogs barking and running everywhere. Lots of road noise because it’s right off the side of the road. And there’s dust everywhere blowing around in huge clouds that don’t settle. There is a designated camping area that is a sandy/dusty/washed out old parking lot.

Not too deep in the backcountry

I’d pick this site if you want to get out there on the river road but aren’t sure your car can make it to the deeper spots. This campsite isn’t too far off the paved road near Castolon. Very wide open, great views of stars. Limited shade.

No river access - dust pit

Just like the other backcountry primitive sites in big bend, bear box only - no other amenities. It was not clear where the tentsites actually are… the whole area looked like a washed out dust bowl/drive way. Nice views from on top of the hill.

Swimming access

Backcountry site. Bear box only. Swimming access to Rio Grande.

Backcountry beautiful stars

Primitive site. Only a bear box on site. There are a few “gravel pit” sites. We were at gravel pit #2. It had two flat tent rings and privacy from the road. Sunset and sunrise were beautiful.

No actual camping here- just a place to pick up permits

Ranger station, has water and bathrooms. No camping here. Pick up your backcountry camping permits here.

Remote desert area

Small pull off and a paved path to an area you could pitch a tent. Very remote. No water.

Not much here

Hard to find because it’s just a gravel pull off the road. Remote. No water.

Quiet and beautiful

RV and tent camping. We are bikepackers and had no problem finding a great site to pitch our tent. The showers are currently closed due to covid, but there are restrooms and laundry. The camp store has snacks and basic needs and is open til 7.

Remote and beautiful

Very remote, dark, perfect for stargazing. Has bathrooms, picnic tables, covered pavilions, and the spring for swimming!

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Lovely campsite

The cool thing about camping here is that you get a nice flat turfed camping field (so no spiky desert things to worry about poking your feet or tent). The tenting “field” had a covered pavilion with lights and electricity. $7 to tent camp, showers were $3. Bathrooms and showers were clean. We did laundry for a couple bucks too. The train goes by and is noisy, but the other guests here (all RVs) were quiet and we didn’t even see anyone out and about, just coming and going.