Kelsey P.

Holly, MI

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Hike! Hammock! Camp!

Most beautiful park in Michigan

This is hands down my absolute favorite spot in Michigan (so far). They have primitive campsites too, if you choose to go that route like we do. Right on Lake Michigan, and you can even see the sleeping bear dunes about 10 miles north of the beach. If you go at the right tone in the fall, you will even see salmon jumping out of Platte River which is really cool!

Family friendly camping

This place was really cool especially for families because it has a huge camp store, an ice cream place, and tons of amenities. You can rent golf carts, little paddle boats, and more. There is also an awesome water park for the kids and it’s right across the road from Lake Huron if you want to swim in the Great Lake.

Best place to camp for kayaking the Au Sable

We come here every summer for our annual Au Sable kayak trip! The campground is nice and clean with a good amount of space between sites. What’s really awesome about this place is if you pay a little extra, they will provide dropoff and pickup of both your party and all your kayaks to the appropriate points so you don’t have to deal with transporting everything yourself. This comes in handy especially at the end of the kayak trip when you have to walk up a HUGE staircase, which is absolute hell with a kayak! They will drag your kayaks back with a boat and even drop them off at your campsites that night or the next morning and it is definitely worth every penny!


Very open but ya some cool amenities like the water slide for kids. Paths are nice, just wish there was more trees and less chain linked fence.

Go Spartans

Nice campground with a footpath from each loop to the beach! Excited to stay at the primitive campsites this summer, they look super nice and further away from all the noise of the regular campsites. Also LOVE the disc golf course here! Not very many parks have them.

Excellent campground on Elk Lake

We just visited this campground this past weekend and it was beautiful! I loved the clear blue water down the big dropoff hill and how heavily wooded this entire park was. Made it perfect for hammock camping! Will definitely be staying here again in the near future.

Pretty nice

Camped here a couple times - most sites are nice and big but some have little space between them. The sites in the back up the hill from the lake are the best!

Great park but not a great campground..

I love this park. We come here all the time for kayaking, hiking, biking and swimming. However, the campground is horribly set up. The entire thing is wide open and there is little to no space between sites. No trees either to break up space between neighbors.

Holly Rec Rules!

I love camping here even though it’s not far away from home whatsoever. The trillium and oak loops are heavily wooded and have plenty of space between each site - something that’s rare in campgrounds these days.