Good stop over

We only spent one night here. It was a stop over for us heading north. We pulled in at midnight and woke up to beautiful trees we weren’t able to see in the dark. It is right next to the road if road noise bothers anyone. We were fine with it as we were only staying here one night. The bathrooms are clean and the camp host is very nice.

We got lucky

These camping spots fill up pretty quick in advance. But we checked for cancellations and got lucky because the storm was coming through in a bunch of people canceled. So we slid right in not minding the weather at all, it made for a great photographs. The campsites are very close together, but it’s a small price to pay to sleep on the valley floor. It allows you to wake up super early and beat the huge crowds to have Yosemite to yourself.


You kind of pull up and just pick a spot. There doesn’t seem to be any real designated spots. The beach was cool. recommend the Cape Flattery Trail north of the campsite. We spent four hours there watching wildlife. Tons of birds and marine life.


We enjoyed staying here. Only stayed one night so we could wake up early and hike out on the Hoh River Trail. You could hear the river from our spot, it was very nice

Nice trails, pretty lake

Quiet campground, trees in-between spots so you don't see your neighbors. Spots right on the lake and a spot to walk down to the lake if you don’t get those campsites. You can hop on a great trail right from the campground that goes along a creek.

The views!!! But packed

The views spectacular because you are on a cliff. Short brush so you see your neighbors. Highway one is right behind you if road noise bothers you. bathrooms were clean and well-maintained. Sunset was awesome. we got breakfast at Gorda (south of this campsite) the next morning, super delicious highly recommend, and hiked Salmon Creek Falls (south of this campsite). Not many people there so we had the whole waterfall to ourselves for an hour. The pictures I uploaded are of Salmon Creek Falls. I forgot to take pictures of the campsite.

Wonderful mornings

You see your neighbors but if you get one of the camp sites on the outer areas, there are little trails to wander around in the morning. Lots of birds around and the dawn chorus is beautiful. There were even turkeys (mom and chicks) at our tent opening when we woke up.

Great views!

There were a lot of RVs boondocking when we were there. But everyone kept a distance from each other and it was quiet. The views are wonderful!!!! The park is awesome! Bighorn sheep right when we entered the park boundary.

Great stop over

This is a great stopover on the way to something. I say stopover because you can hear the traffic of I80 from the campsite at all hours of the night. Major road for truckers. It’s far enough away that most sleepers can tune it out. But if your a light sleeper like me, it will periodically wake you up. I’m sure if you got a campsite situated further back, it wouldn’t be as much of an issue though. You’ll still hear it, but probably not at loud as our campsite. The rocks are awesome though! Great if you love bouldering! We spent one night here as a stopover on the way to Green River Lakes and decided to spend the morning climbing. Day well spent! There was an owl that hung out with us at our campsite too! A local said there was a secret waterfall in this cave like formation that wasn’t too far away, but we didn’t have enough time to explore that. So I would ask around about it if you have the time to go looking.

Surprisingly quiet

For being such a large campground it was so quiet every night we stayed (4 total). Beautiful campground! Clean bathrooms. Wonderful area, but duh, it’s Glacier! We had full cell service at the pick of area right on the lake (I have AT&T my boyfriend has Verizon) Incase anyone needs it to get a hold of loved ones.

Nice camp hosts (only gave it two stars due to traffic noise)

This is not a campground for those who love being in real nature and quiet places. More of a stop over or to cut down your crack of dawn morning drive to see the wolf pack in Slough Creek (which is why we stayed). A road wraps around the campground, so you hear traffic into the night. But the elk come visit. They were right outside our tent in the morning which was fun to wake up to. Also elk poop everywhere, so bring a broom to sweep it way from where you lay your tent. The camp hosts that were there in September 2020 were soooo friendly!!! Very nice couple with great advice.

We had fun

We stayed in the 1-5 area separated from the rest of the sites. Very open, just shrubs, no trees, and a power line was near. The spot we stayed in said tent only, no vehicle. We took that to mean no RV but weren’t sure as we drove in. But the camping hosts came by and said we were fine. They also said that there was a black bear down that was just down the hill and had been hanging out for a few days. They just reminded us to keep all food stored safely in a bear safe compartment (there are non provided at the sites). We kept it in our yeti cooler in the car. The bear never came closer to bothered us. Suuuuper windy! All night the wind was hitting the tent since there was nothing to block it. Not sure if it is always that windy, though. Could have just been the weather. We only stayed one night. But the sunset and sunrise view of the Tetons was great!!!


Dirt road to get to, but easily managed. A car could go down (very slowly in some spots). Boondocking camping sites all along the river coming up to this spot. They fill up on the weekend pretty fast during peak season. Sites at the official campsite are close together, but have trees in between. You can see your neighbors if that matters to anyone. But it was very quiet while we were there. We were out of a tent, but saw small RVs there too. I’m not sure if there were power hook ups. The surrounding area is stunning. If you go hiking, go out on the Highline trail, and come back on Lakeside trail, that will be the best for views. Start just 30mins after sunrise for beautiful light for photos. I record sound for a living and I loved this place because of how devoid of human noise it is when you get past the two lakes on the trail. Pure nature sounds, aside from the occasional commercial plane. It was so dead quiet, I had to really crank my gain while recording natural ambiences.