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Ranger Review: Xero Z-Trail Sandals at Primitive Campground

Campground Review: This is super primitive camping, just some pull-offs and man made fire rings, but the views are spectacular. We pulled all the way down one of the little roads and found a spot with an amazing view of Pike's Peak. The trail to Rampart Reservoir is also very close to these sites.

Gear Review: As a Dyrt Ranger, I also get gear to try out and review.

I packed my Xero sandals for this trip and I'm so glad I did. These sandals are meant to feel like you're not wearing any shoes at all and I have to say that is what it feels like. Even though they're very lightweight, they also feel durable and capable of handling just about anything. I wore them hiking, climbing around on rocks, and playing in the stream.

I would say the only downside to these is if you're not used to wearing minimalist type shoes, it could take your feet some adjusting.

I feel that these shoes are definitely Ranger worthy! Check them out at

Beautiful Lake

This is one of the most beautiful places in Oklahoma, in my opinion. There's plenty to explore around the lake, and absolutely beautiful views from the campsites. There is a tent pad at each site, and this campground has restrooms. The only down side was there were terrible flies that kept biting us when we went.

Busy Area

This area has some cool rock formations and an interesting landscape. It also offers free camping anywhere you see a fire pit, and has restrooms at the entrance. It is also quite busy, even into the late hours of the night. People were driving around blaring music until 1 or 2am when we camped there. It did not make for a great camping experience but we were also near the entrance. I think I would go back, just as a place to stay, but camp further out and maybe it would be better.

Nice Campground

This campground is well maintenanced, is near Frisco and Breck and still has amazing mountain and lake views. The sites are close together and right next to the parking lot but if you just need a place to crash for the night and want to be close to the city, this is perfect. I would definitely stay here again.

Beautiful Campground

This campground is located way out in the wilderness. It has incredible mountain views as well as a view of the close by Grizzly Reservoir. This is a free campground and it has vault toilets. I would love to stay at this campground again. There are also 27 free sites along the road to Portal Campground.

Great Campground

This campground is very well maintained with nice restrooms. There are a few sites, including the one we were at, that are back a little ways from the road and you have to walk in to get to them. We went in February and it was warm and beautiful here. The campground was not crowded at all. There are hiking trails out here, you can check out the Gordon Hirabayashi campground and the old work camp remains which are pretty interesting. Also, if you want to drive up to the top of Mount Lemmon, it's a beautiful and scenic drive. On your way back into town, you can stop at the Agua Caliente park where you'll find tons of palm trees surrounding a peaceful pond.

Favorite Camping Spot

These sites aren't monitored and don't have picnic tables or any amenities, although there is a restroom down the road a little ways where the campsites start, but that's it. It is free to camp here, the sites are spaced really far apart. Most of the sites have incredible views looking out over Lake Hemet and of the San Jacinto mountains. You have to drive quite a ways up a dirt road from 74 to get to the sites, the road is pretty bumpy but not hard too bad. I made it up in my Nissan Rogue which is not AWD or 4WD. You are also pretty close to Idyllwild, which is a fun destination to go spend a day if you don't want to hang out at the campground. Lake Hemet is also very close by.

Cold Springs Tent Sites

If you can get used to the rotten eggs smell of Sulfur, Oklahoma then this isn't a bad place to camp. I think we did at some point stop noticing the smell. There are tons of creeks and water holes to play in here. The campgrounds were kind of close together in my opinion and we were also right next to the bathrooms so people were always just walking accross our site. This isn't a great campsite if you are trying to relax and get away, I would more recommend this if you want to take the family somewhere to have fun and play in the water for a weekend.

City Camping

This is a nice, clean campground that is conveniently located in the middle of the city. However, it is also located in the middle of the city…so you can look at that as a good thing or a bad depending on what you're looking for. There is a large restroom facility with showers and laundry. Good option for camping in the winter because it's easily accessible, whereas a lot of the mountain camping you can't get to unless you have 4WD.

Not the Best

I'll be honest, this was probably my least favorite place we camped that summer. It's just not a very pretty lake, it's dirty, a lot of people just come here to party it seems like. If you're just wanting to get away somewhere and don't mind the brown color of the water then you may like it better than I did.

Really Great Campground

This is a beautiful place to camp along the Talimena drive. You are up on top of the Ouachita Mountains and there are beautiful views. This campground was very quiet when we stayed, not a lot of people were here. There is a restroom at this campground. Lots of great hiking nearby.

Great campground

This was mine and my mom's favorite place to camp in Oklahoma. The campground is heavily forested with pine trees and there are some sites right off the lake. It has a very nice bathroom facility with showers. Normally when we would go (in the fall and spring) it was not very crowded. Lots of great hiking trails nearby and the scenic Talimena scenic drive is beautiful, especially in the fall.

Nice Campground

This is a nice campground with tables, and a fire pit at each site. They also have restrooms here. There are tepees that are available to pay to camp in as well. There are trails nearby here, we really enjoyed our stay.

Great Camping

This campground is off of Eufala Lake which is really pretty. One of the reasons I liked this campground was how quiet it was. We went in the summer and there weren't very many people. There was also an area off of the paved road, called off-road camping or something and you could drive on a dirt road down towards the water. We set up camp right off the beach and had no neighbors. There are hiking trails nearby as well.

Turner Falls

Pretty good area to camp in. It is obviously near Turner Falls, which can be really beautiful if it isn't dried up. The sites are first come first serve, and they price them by vehicle. You also have to pay to enter the park, which is kind of silly. When we went it wasn't too hard to find a site, because we came on a Thursday, but it did fill up fast. Some of our neighbors were also playing very loud music. Not the best place to camp, but not bad.

Vedauwoo Campground

These are free campsites along a dirt road. The road, at least when dry, is not hard to drive on. Quite a few pull-offs that serve as campsites. They do not have restrooms here or tables, most of the sites just have a fire ring made out of rocks. This is a really interesting area to explore though. Lots of cool rock formations, a little pond with a lot of aspens, and trails nearby. The only thing that I didn't like about this area was that you could tell a lot of people come out here just to party because of all of the trash left behind. Other than that I would recommend this area for camping.

Beautiful Area

The Poudre River is absolutely beautiful. We really enjoyed camping here, even though the sound of the river can be quite loud. Each site has a table, fire ring and tent pad. The drive up to this area is breathtaking as well.

Amazing Place to Camp!

Longs Peak campground is super high up at 9400 feet. This is a first come-first serve campground, we didn't have any trouble finding a spot in the middle of the week in July when we stayed. We actually came back the next year and camped in the same spot because we loved it so much. Incredible views of Longs Peak right from our camp site. This campground has restrooms. The only down side to this campground is that it is next to a private summer camp. If you are here when they campers are there it can be loud for a few hours in the evening. They quiet down once it gets later though, at least from what I experienced.

South Meadows Campgroud

This is a nice, well maintained campground close to a lot of activities. You can visit nearby Manitou Lake and there are lots of trails in this area. The sites are clean and there are lots of trees. I really enjoyed camping here.

Good Campground

This campground is well maintained and near a lot of fun things to do. It's right by Manitou Lake, and just a little ways away is Rampart Reservoir. They are pretty strict about how many cars can park in the allotted driveway for each site, but it wasn't busy when we were there and they allowed us to park one of our vehicles somewhere else, since we had 3. The sites are pretty well spread out and its a nice, quiet campground. Close to Woodland Park.