fishing spot

great spot for fishing . dont know what else people get up to but it is a lovely spot.

beautfiul spot

Absolutely stunning spot. Sites had ample space for two tents. Want to come back with more time!

Beautiful lake camping

the drive in takes a while- slow on gravel. Lake is absolutely beautiful. The vault toilets were clean and the hiking was pristine. We'll be back when its better swimming weather!

pretty spot

Nice river access and plant life. Sites are really small so if you can swing it, maybe get two and have elbow room. Water was fun and foliage was lush. We'll be back. Solid amentities= vault toilet and such.

a place to sleep but nothing to write home about

for how epic Bryce is, this place is pretty blah and overpriced. Points earned are for clean bathrooms and premises. All in all pretty dull experience. Come for the park, not for the campground.

First to Review
High desert lake experience

So the desert is the desert, finding a lake there is pretty special. Yes, it looks barren, but it attracts tons of birds and the water sports and fishing are fun. Sunsets are out of this world. This campground is a much nicer experience than the RV park as long as you are prepared to car/tent camp. Bring the boat/water toys.

Great way to check out Pyramid lake

This is a nice jumping off point for checking out the pyramid lake area. Beautiful high desert lake. Note that this is primarily an RV park and that if you are okay camping rough, there is a better campground just north of this place.

Arid but with a lake so the gills dont dry up

This is high desert so sites are pretty much just dirt. Some have cool vegetation, grasses and even some sage. Scenery is still awesome and the lake it a lot of fun. If getting out on the water is your thing, can rent boats/kayaks. Sunsets are epic. Has showers and legit bathrooms for those who like civilization. Plenty of hiking nearby.

Walk-in bivy site is sweet

Walk-in site (the Bivy) is chill. walk-in, pitch tent, done. Yeah you have a lot of neighbors, but people are nice and the price is right ($8 per night for up to two weeks). Has showers and easy access to the climbing. Epic. The ground is pretty nice, not super rocky, but heavy duty tarp would still be a nice way to even things out. Not allowed to sleep in vans etc. tent/bivy only.

glamping but with none of the perks

This place is good for giving non-campers a little taste of living in a canvas tent. It's not great if you are into camping and want to spend time in nature. The tent cabins are really close together so you def hear your neighbors domestic disputes, snoring etc. Walking around the area in the evening it is pretty magical feeling. +1 to whoever said to bring earplugs. Overall it does feel like a special place, and if I didn't love camping this would seem pretty sweet. Pizza place is always slammed do good for people watching. Support your local dirtbags and offer the climbers your leftovers :)

Beautiful spot with water to play in.

All sites are first come first served. Beautiful expansive sites. Not too much tree cover so you get a fair amount of sun during the day (which is nice when temps are low). They have vault toilets, which totally did the job. Bring your own water. They’re only open for the summer--fall forest service road definitely not maintained when it snows. A good jumping off point for lots of hiking.

more developed version of little sandy

Rough road in. Please leave it cleaner than you found it. I’ve seen people complaining that the price is high for such rough camping, but you can have pretty large groups (covered by the 20-something dollar camp fee) and it is a cool spot! They’re only open for the summer-fall forest service road definitely not maintained when it snows. Overall way more developed than Little Sandy down the road- toilets and everything! A fine option if you can't find a spot in Yosemite.

Good option if Yosemite sites are full

It is more of a trek to get there than you would think looknig at the minimal distance on the road. The road in is rough. It looks short on the map but you have to go slowly. Please pack your trash and leave no trace. They’re only open for the summer-fall - forest service road definitely not maintained when it snows. Pretty little spot and mostly undeveloped. Although there are firepits I think there is a burn ban still in effect- please respect the burn bans to protect the epic old growth forests!

camping by the creek

This campground is a nice jumping off spot for lots of the fun stuff to do around Wawona. Jump in the creek for a swim or walk across the road and check out the covered bridge and barn around the pioneer history center. Swimming holes all up and down those creeks. In high tourist season it is worth stopping at Wawona hotel and having a drink and listening to the Piano player in the eve.

live in the redwoods

Really awesome campground and the classic departure point for hiking the mellow but long mostly downhill Skyline to the Sea Trail (first mile is the gnarliest, then almost all downhill on a nice trail. Fairy rings (where the redwoods have grown up in a ring) and hollowed out tree trunks made awesome forts when we were kids. Sites aren’t too close together.

fairyland in the redwoods

What an incredible place! Campsites are in the midst of the massive redwoods so it’s always pretty shady and cool. There are 40ish sites (50/50 drive-in and walk-in), well spaced for a bit of privacy. Fairy rings (where the redwoods have grown up in a ring) and hollowed out tree trunks made awesome forts when we were kids. There are ferns growing all over the place, and brilliant yellow banana slugs cruising around in slow motion, and loads of mushrooms if you go in the right winter conditions (early season rain). This is a great spot any time of year. Even if it’s rainy, the redwood canopy has a way of drinking up the rain so that it becomes more of a drippy mist. There’s a creek and awesome trails around, just don’t step on the banana slugs. If the shade gets to be too… shady you can always drive down the road to the beach. Año Nuevo has a colony of Elephant Seals that pretty impressive to check out.

There are pit toilets as well as a bathroom with a flushing toilet more centrally in the campground.

easy camping by the beach

Great spot for living by the water for a few days. Plenty to do as long as you're into beach-combing, hiking, crabbing, fishing, kayaking, or just watching the water. There's a sweet spot late summer when you can add berry-picking to the activities list. It gets quite busy, but not as overrun as other parks in the islands. This place is ideal for tent camping and hiking around the green trails with pretty awesome views of the sound. If you'd rather go RV/cabin experience, you might be better off down the road at Cama (?) I think.

fine way to do KW

Campground is nothing too special, but it is great to live right on the water for a few days and the spot provides a nice headquarters from which to explore the rest of KW. Sites are right on the water, and manatees and iguanas regularly cruise through. Best beaches we found weren't super close, but we were still stoked to have a nice home base. Hemingway house was really interesting and stand up paddle trip out to some reefs was the absolute highlight. We'd love to get back and explore the area much more with the stand up paddle guides, Cody and Ryan, who were totally awesome.

conveniently access from old Santa Fe, decent tree cover (shade), busy!

This is a decent Forest Service Campground on Hyde Park Rd. (NM475) near Hyde Memorial State Park. It is a pretty spot (nice trees/shade) and is conveniently reached from Old Santa Fe (which means it can be pretty slammed). There are a few walk-in sites and many more drive-in sites. Get there early so you can grab a spot far from the toilets (smelly!).

most natural camping setting in the area

definitely more of a nature experience than the other camping options I'm aware of in the area. Permits are free and can be obtained at the visitor center. There are not designated sites, you can camp anywhere that's far enough off the trail (rangers will brief you on how far you have to be). Feb was definitely really cold. We were huddling in a shiver bivvy. Will be back for sure but will bring the zero degree sleeping bag next time. The caverns are absolutely amazing and we consider this the best nature camping around.