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North Myrtle Beach , SC

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Wonderful State Park - Good for RV Camping

Myrtle Beach has multiple options for RV campers, this is probably one of the best. Because it's the state park and not one of the private campgrounds it's less developed. So if amenities are what you are looking for, don't choose Myrtle Beach State Park. If being immersed in nature in a peaceful setting is what you seek, this is a great choice. 

There are limited tent spots, so either snag one early or skip this if you prefer tent camping.

Great place - prefer shoulder seasons! Too busy and hot in summer

This is a great place where you can camp directly on the beach, but because it is located in Wilmington, NC it can get VERY busy. During busy times you have to apply for or get a permit. 

They charge just to drive on the beach to cut down on traffic. It's very hot and busy during the summer but if you go in spring, fall or warm winter days it's absolutely amazing.


This campground feels built right into the dunes. It is a perfect place for a true Outer Banks experience. We enjoyed deer stopping by our camp site, and the wild, remote feeling here. It is dependent on the site you choose. Some are much more secluded than others. 

Pet friendly, Fire ring and picnic table at each site. We return here often. There's amazing, world-famous fishing in the area, so in Spring and Fall this place can be packed and hard to get a reservation. It's a little too hot in July and august so we tend to avoid it during those months. 

HIGHLIGHT: you can have a fire on the beach in this area and also drive on the beach. It's very peaceful and during certain times can be very remote. 

WARNING: Bring a pad for your tent. We stayed on two different sites here and the first one had cactus and sand spurs so long they punctured our air mattress, through the bottom of the tent and two blankets. They were so bad on this site, we moved to another site that was much better. While looking at sites, we did notice this issue on multiple sites.

Great family campground, private pier

This is a popular RV campground in the Myrtle Beach area. It’s very dense, with RVs being pretty close together so that’s the down side.

The plus side is that it’s located in a less busy area of Myrtle beach, has a private pier and direct access. There’s a restaurant at the pier that serves simple but delicious seafood with amazing views.

Recommended for RV campers looking for a Myrtle Beach experience.

Great for leisurely walk, no camping

This is an enjoyable, relaxing place to take a short, scenic walk.

There’s no camping or amenities as it’s a somewhat small nature preserve, but it does have bridges and decks over the waterway.

Dog friendly - we take out dogs walking here all the time if you want to do a scenic 1-2 mile walk.

Advise not going in the middle of summer as bugs here can be quite terrible.

Beautiful, Spread-out campsites

Eno River State Park has amazing backpack in camping that is well worth the beautiful walk through the woods. The last trip here was so wonderful that we extended it by two nights! 

I’ve camped here numerous times, at different sites each time and have not had a bad experience yet. The hike to get to the campsites winds around the river and across bridges. The actual hikes do not gain much elevation so while it’s not as easy as walking on pavement, it does not take an advanced hiker to reach the remote camp sites. Each campsites I’ve stay at has been fairly spread out from other sites, while you’ll be able to see and hear others these are not uncomfortably close sites. 

There’s plenty to explore, so its definitely worth staying for multiple nights. It’s on the Mountain to Sea Trail so a lot of campers around us were through hikers and only stayed one night, but we spent four here and it was four of the most peaceful and relaxing days I can remember. All the sites I’ve stay at have had fire pit rings and tent pads. There’s never been a picnic table, just a rustic wood bench, so I recommend a camp chair or my personal favorite- a tree hammock as there are plenty of places to hang on. 

With rivers running through  the whole park, we packed minimal water and used a life straw. The rivers here are very clean and didn't not give us any second thoughts to drink it. The cool, delicious water is better than anything bottled :) 

I've gone in both September and April and the weather was perfect both months, cool at night and around 70 during the day. 

This is hands down, one of my favorite State Parks to camp at in both North and South Carolina.