Kayla M.

Colorado Springs, CO

Joined August 2016

Gorgeous views!

We stayed at the upper campsites past the trailhead, so I am not 100%sure if it is still considered part of the campground.

Expect it to be much colder than surrounding areas. The campground is at the base of the mountain- and weather reflects that.

The views are really something else. Breathtaking overlook of Twin Lakes and Hope Pass.

Wish fire pits were more established for safety. The people before us didn't seem to care as much about fire safety, and there was charred wood scattered around camp.

Welcoming and quiet

Perfect place for a quiet weekend away near CO Springs.


  • Quick path from campground to reservoir
  • Very friendly camp host
  • Campground sites are all very roomy. Ours was wonderful and looking around other people's were too.
First to Review
Last Minute Vacancy

Beautiful campground. The camp host was very gracious as I scrambled to find a last minute camping site. Beautiful scenery all around.

The Stars and the Lake


  • At night there is zero light pollution and you can see so many stars
  • The lake is fished nearly as much as Denver. Fish are bigger and easier to catch.
  • Full bathrooms and showers
  • Great campsite layout

Spent a week in the developed campsite area of the park in December of 2015. Wonderfully maintained table, grill, and tent area. The showers left something to be desired, but I had never been beach camping - so that might be normal.

Loved that the beach was walking distance from camp, but the sites were guarded by the dunes. Really helped fend off the wind.

One of my favorite places in the park was the recreational area further inland. Beautiful sunset (see picture) and lots of crabs to catch!