Secluded and Free!

This is truly a great little campground! It is a bit hard to get too, so follow the directions carefully. Once you get to the end of the road you will see the campground. It is first come first serve as they require no fee. Tucked away in the hills and the woods, with numerous hiking trails from the campground to explore the surrounding areas. There is only a hole in the ground outhouse, so be prepared, they do not come clean it often. It is quiet and a great way to see the Painted Hills that are close by.

Great for Familes

I gave this campground 3 stars because it is not for adventurers, it is a campground for families. There is a lot to offer for families though, clean bathrooms, restaurants, paved pathways, easy access to the lake. So if you are looking for a little more adventure go to the other smaller campgrounds around the area. If you have small children this would be a great campground for you!

Simply Amazing

this campground is one of my favorites to go too. It is quiet and tucked away in the trees. There is a pathway to walk right out to the beach where you can build bonfires or just take a nice stroll. Bathrooms are clean and have showers available if you so please. The staff there is also very nice and there to help or give advice. Great for families or birthday parties!

Love! But watch for horse flies

Love this campground! It is right along a river that is nice to swim in during the summer months. The campground is located in the woods so several spots are secluded and tucked between the trees. However, my only warning is if you do camp here watch out for horse flies! They are vicious! And bite you like crazy out there. Otherwise a great campground!