Very beautiful campground

I camped here with a friend and the dogs. The road is a steep grade up to the campground. There are several overlooks on the way. The campsites have a firepit, picnic bench - and table, and a lantern pole. Some of the sites were not very private and more open without shade. We were in number 15 and it was in our opinion the best one. Trees and bushes on 3 sides. The bathroom was very clean and well maintained. The campground has a little trading post at the entrance. Unfortunately it was closed on the weekend. You could still pick up firewood. It was walking distance to several hiking trails. Due to a lot of rain, we spent our Saturday downtown Clayton, which is just about 10 minutes from the campground and definitely worth a visit. We would camp here anytime again.

Beautiful campground

We camped here over the weekend with our dogs. The Camp Creek State Park has 3 different campgrounds. One of them is Blue Jay. There are no electric or water hook ups. Each campsite has a fire pit and a lantern pole. Except of one, all other campsites are directly next to a beautiful creek. It was very calm and peaceful. The toilets were kinda messy. They suppose to have water but for some reason it was not turned on. So you couldn't wash your hands. There is also just a flap you have to push down. There is a nicer bathhouse with showers and flushing toilets about 1 mile at the Mash Fork campground. From our campsite we had access to very pretty trails. You can hike to one of the waterfalls or along the creek. The park itself was very well maintained. I'm not sure how it is in the summer month but we were almost the only ones camping. I would definitely camp here again when it's nicer weather and you can use the creek for refreshing.

Nice rustic getaway

We camped here over the weekend with our dogs. The campground has 26 rustic campsites that need to be reserved in advance. Each site has a firepit and a picnic table. It is probably better for tent camping since there are no electrical hook ups. There are also no generators allowed. Some of the sites are very close together like mostly the ones on the entrance. We camped at #19 and it was very private and spacious. The bathrooms were ok. Unfortunately they were never cleaned over the weekend. It was pretty noisy on Friday night and there is nobody to enforce a quiet time. Be aware… roosters are nearby and they start crowing at 4am. Some of the sites are very well shaded. There is no firewood sale in the campground or the visitor center (which is about 17 min away) but locals have it available near by. The landscape is absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking. Foster Falls is just a short walking distance away and so beautiful. In the summertime it's a popular swimming hole. It is also a paradise for rock climbers. South Cumberland has many spread out entrances. We visited Stone Door and Denny Cove. It was so beautiful. We would camp here again but probably not in the summertime because it can get very crowded.

Beautiful place in the mountains

I camped here over the weekend with a friend and our dogs.

We were in campsite 62. Our loop was very private and shaded. The only negative point was the street light right across from us. It was pretty bright at night. Our campsite had a picnic table, a fire pit, a water spigot and electricity. There is also a little creek nearby, which was perfect for the dogs. 

The campground is very well maintained, and the bathroom was spotless. The staff, rangers and volunteers, were super friendly. If you forgot something, there is a little camp store on the property. 

Some of the campsites are directly on the water, but they were not very shaded. 

The park also has events scheduled. They had a cloggers dance group when we were there, which was very nice.

There are a lot of things to do in the area. Some of the hiking trails even start in the campground. You can also explore the grist mill with a nature trail or an old homestead. You have access to the AT about 10 miles away. 

Overall it is a very nice and clean campground in a beautiful state park. We would camp here anytime again.

Nice campground in the mountain

I camped here with a friend and the dogs over the weekend. The campground is pretty big with several loops. Our campsite was on the roadside loop. It had the typical amenities like a fire pit, a lantern post and a picnic bench. We were pleasantly surprised that we also had a bear box. We were warned before, that the bears are very active in the area, but we were startled when we had one just a few feet from our campsite. The bathhouse was close by but unfortunately had just one stall open, which is not enough. The cleaness was ok. Down the road was a much nicer bathhouse. Our campsite was pretty private and there was a nice hiking trail a few feet from our site. Unfortunately the quiet time hours were not enforced. People were yelling and screaming until late at night. It's a short drive to Brevard, just in case you forgot something. There are also a lot of points of interest like Looking Glass Falls, Sliding Rock and the Blue Ridge Parkway. If you like to hike, there are a lot of amazing trails near by. Even it was a very nice weekend, since it was such a big campground, it would not be our first choice.

Nice campground

I camped here with a friend and the dogs. The campground is pretty big and has 4 loops. We were in Loop C and our campsite was pretty spacious and private (not all are). All sites have a fire pit, a picnic table. and some of them even have bear boxes for food and coolers. We also had an electric hook up.

The bathhouse was very clean and well maintained. From the campground it's walking distance to several hiking trails like John Litton Farm or Oscar Blevins Farm. The nature there is very beautiful and definitely worth a visit.

I would camp here again but probably not in the summer month ;-).

Very nice campground

I camped here with a friend and our dogs over the weekend. The campground has 3 loops. We were in loop A which had no electric hook ups. Each site has the usual fire pit, picnic bench and a pole for your trash bag. It was very roomy and well maintained. The bathhouse was a little bit older but had showers with hot water. Within a short driving distance you can find an old country store. They sell cool drinks and snacks. From the campground it is walking distance to the Stone Mountain loop. The nature and landscape is just so beautiful and definitely worth the trip. We would definitely camp here again.

Amazing place - highly recommended

We stayed in one of the rooms in the main lodge for 3 nights. In order to reach Charit Creek Lodge, you need to hike in. We parked and started at the Twin Arches trail head. It is a 1.7 mile walk in. Dinner and breakfast were included. There meals are simply fantastic. Audrey is a great cook and you can tell everything was fresh made. If you stay multiple nights, you even get a lunch bag. The lodge has no electricity so you want to bring a flashlight or a headlamp. They have showers and flush toilets in a separate bathhouse. From the lodge there are many trails to explore they area. We were very pleased with our stay and would recommend it to everybody. The staff was super nice and they made sure we always had everything.

A great place for outdoor activities.

I camped here with a friend and our dogs. The park has 5 different camping loops plus backcountry campsites. We spent one night in loop B. The campsites have a picnic bench, a firepit and a lantern pole. We also had electricity and a water spigot. We stayed in B62. It was more designed for an RV or Camper than a tent, but we found space on the side to set up our tents. The bathhouse was decent. The state park has a lot of amenities. There is a general store, just in case you forgot something. They also have a nice visitor and nature center and an outfitter store. If you are not into hiking, you can go fishing, boating, golfing or zip lining. If you are not in the mood to cook, you can visit the snack bar. They have pizza, sandwiches and burgers. But the actual restaurant and the Inn are still under construction until 2022. If you like hiking, the park offers a lot of different trails. They have shorter ones near the nature center amd longer overnight trails with campsites. Some of the trails are very strenuous like the cable trail. When we visited, the swinging bridge was closed due to construction. It is a beautiful piece of nature and we really enjoyed our stay. However it can be very crowded on the weekends and in peak season.

Beautiful scenery

I went backpacking with a friend and our dogs. We decided to camp out at Burnt Mill Loop. The trail goes mostly along the water. You will see stunning Rock formations and some smaller waterfalls. There are several campsites along the way. We put our tents near the water. It was very peaceful and perfect for the dogs to swim. The trail is a loop but you can take John Muir trail and connect over to the Honey Creek area. There is also a hike to Beaver Falls. The trail is not super crowded and definitely worth to see.

Nice getaway!

I camped here with a friend and our dogs. The campground has a lot of loops and campsites. All of them have electric hook ups, a fire pit, picnic bench and close by water spigots. Unfortunately some of the campsites are very small and close together. The campground has a nature center and a short trail behind the building. There is also a near by beach access. It has a parking lot for horse trailers as well and an equestrian trail. Restaurants and shops are very close by. The bathrooms were super clean and very roomy. The property is very well maintained. It has a beautiful landscape and several picnic areas and shelters with ocean front view. The state park also offers wifi for their campers. At the entrance is a little camping gift store just in case you forgot something. The staff was very friendly and caring. We would camp here again but probably not in the summer month when it gets too crowded.

Simply beautiful.

I camped at the Baptism campground with my mom and our dogs. The state park is simply beautiful. And so is the campground. The sites are all very private. Some have electricity, some are without. There are even some walk in campsites. The bathhouse with showers and toilets is very clean. A lot of people had campers so I had the feeling it was not used so much. The walk in sites had little vault toilets in the parking lot. From the campground you have the choice of several hiking trails and access to 2 waterfalls. You can also park at the visitor center and enter hiking trails from there. They have a very nice gift shop. Firewood can also be purchased. There are a lot if cool things around the park as well like Split Rock Lighthouse or Gooseberry Falls. I would definitely camp here again. It was a great experience.

A very nice getaway!

We camped here over the weekend with our dogs. The campground is within 10 miles off of I90.

The park is not very big so there are not many campsites. Some have electric hook up, others are just for tent camping. All of them provide a picnic table and a fire pit. They also have little log cabins. We stayed at campsite 6 which was a very good spot. Some of the other sites seemed very close together without much privacy or shade.

The park staff (rangers, camp host and volunteers) was extremely friendly. They always made sure that we had everything we needed. The rangers also offer different programs on the weekend like learning about geocaching or how to make campfire desserts.

There is one bathhouse for the entire campground. It seemed a little old but got cleaned daily. There are also several vault toilets around the area. From the campground you have access to the water. There are also several short hiking trails from where you can see the rock formations.

It was just a very short ride to the Devils Gulch (Jesse James historical site) or Split Rock Park. There is also a Dollar General close by. We would definitely recommend the campground.

Great spot to enjoy the island

I camped here for almost a week with a friend and our dogs. The location is fantastic. Everything is walking distance… restaurants, shops and the marina. The owner was very nice and helpful. Be aware the campsites are very close together. The only negative point is that there are just 2 bathroom stalls for the entire campground but they were very clean and the shower has hot water. The campsites on the edges have shade for tents. Each site has a picnic table and a charcoal grill but campfires are prohibited. The RV's are parked mainly in the middle.

Very nice campground.

I camped here with a friend and the dogs over the weekend. I've been multiple times at Badin Lake before and always wanted to camp here. We had campsite 002 which was nice and shady and very private. It's a short walk over to the lake where the dogs enjoyed their swimming. The camp hosts were fantastic. Multiple times they made sure we have everything we need. Only the bathrooms need a little update. They seemed pretty run down and very buggy. Overall we would definitely stay here again. It's a beautiful and quiet piece of nature.

Beautiful State Park

Friends and I rented a cabin here the 3rd time. It is simply beautiful. The mountains, creeks and nature are breathtaking. There are a lot of hiking trails near by. From easy to moderate… so something for everybody. The cabins are very nice and clean. They have everything you need. I would definitely recommend to stay here and enjoy this gem of nature.

Beautiful spot of nature.

We camped here for 3 nights with our dogs. The only reason I'm giving 4 out of 5 stars is the campground was just super crowded. Some of the campsites don't have much privacy. But the campground facilities were top notch. I've never seen such a nice and clean bathhouse at a campground. The park staff was super nice too. There is a camp and souvenir store at the campground entrance that has everything you need. The landscape was just breathtaking. There are palm trees right on the beach and you could walk for miles right on it. It's also just a short walk to the lighthouse. There are multiple hiking trail to explore the maritime forest. It's definitely worth it. I would camp there again but I think during the week it's a little less crowded and more quiet. I'm also glad we came in November and bugs and mosquitos weren't a big problem.

Beautiful piece of nature.

Camped here with a friend and our dogs over the weekend. The campground is right off of the Blue Ridge Parkway so you hear all the traffic. It didn't bother us at all. The campsites are very spacious and private. For some you can make a reservation, some you just show up. Its just a little bit odd, that some campsites have space for just one vehicle. But I heard you can park a second one across the street at the Pisgah Inn. There are also hiking trails nearby. Unfortunately it was very foggy when we stayed so we couldn't enjoy the view in the morning. We would definitely camp here again. It's just a beautiful piece of nature and the park rangers were very nice

Nice campground!

We visited the campground last weekend. The park is really beautiful. Very nice trails and water access for the dogs. We even saw Venus Flytraps on our walk. The campground for me was just okay. It was described as one of the 21 most beautiful campgrounds nationwide. The sites were very roomy and there was a trail right behind us. The bathrooms were pretty run down and they had just one per loop. I'm not sure if I would camp here again but it's definitely worth it to visit the State Park to hike and explore the beautiful nature.

Beautiful campground.

We camped at the Wagoner access with our dogs over the weekend. The campground is very beautiful. You have to walk in but the park provides little carts and wheelbarrows. The sites and the bathhouse are very well maintained. The park host, Tom Keller, was just fantastic. Really helpful and super nice. There are also 2 beautiful hiking trails starting at the campground. I would definitely camp here again even if I have to say there are much more scenic places in this part of North Carolina.