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Ranger Review: Mountain House Meals at Golden Lakes Campground

Campground Review:

My partner and I were hiking the Wonderland Trail (93+ miles around the base of Mount Rainier) and this was our final site on our long trek. Since we got a walk-up permit, we didn't have much choice in what campsites we got, but really felt lucky to land the group site at Golden Lakes. It was sizeable, but not gigantic- could fit three medium sized tents comfortably. It overlooked the lake and had the best water access of the entire campground. There were logs to set things on as you cooked, a really nice outhouse, and lots of trees to give you some privacy from the other campsites. Unfortunately, there were some louder groups staying next to us, and there isn't much spacing between sites so it can get pretty noisy. Overall, we agreed it was one of our favorite sites on the trail (and we stayed at 8!). Pretty simple hike from Mowich Campground, too!


Product Review:

As a Ranger for The Dyrt, I got an opportunity to try out MH Mac and Cheese! We saved this meal for last because we were SO. EXCITED. We literally couldn't stop talking about how excited we were to try it out- calorie rich, lightweight, and mac and cheese in the backcountry?! What's not to be excited about. Although it didn't FULLY live up to our expectations (I mean, we really talked it up in our mind), it was delicious and the perfect end to a long day of hiking- we definitely didn't go to bed hungry. The 3 servings is great after a 15+ mile day and was one of the few dinners that didn't leave us wanting. It was a little soupier than I expected, but tasted like homemade mac. Super easy to make, takes MUCH shorter time to cook than Backpackers Pantry meals, and is a perfect addition to any backpacking/camping trip. Will purchase again, just wish MH made more vegetarian options….

Stillwater's Love

Great escape from finals, or a good place to bring family. Watch for wildlife, roam the bike trails, and go after a snowfall for a really magical visit. Wood is easy to collect for a campfire and although some areas do accumulate a lot of trash, you can pick your campsite wisely and get a real gem. Have fun!

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Hidden Treasure of Oklahoma

My boyfriend took me here for valentines day, and it blew me away. Most people rent dune buggies or bring their jeeps to enjoy the dunes, but we just camped and roamed the dunes by ourselves. It's such a unique park - you don't get to walk around miles of sandunes every day! The amenities were fine, the stars were amazing, and it was a nice quiet evening. Make sure you go into town for dinner - the German restaurant is the BEST.

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Pristine, Cozy Cabin, Adventures

One of our favorite sites in Alaska!

The cabin is big, cozy, and affordable. There are big rocky outcroppings that you can explore, hang hammocks, and watch the waves come in. It's really a magical place, the mossy growth on the ground makes for good tent camping if you have more people than can fit in the cabin. Lots of wildlife too, and you feel SO secluded. Worth every second.

Also, make sure you look UP because the night sky is amazing.

Wonderful, bring your fishing pole!

I loved Harris River, it probably helped that it was a nice sunny day! There were quite a few downed trees that distracted from the natural beauty, but overall we had a wonderful stay. Amenities are brand new which is a plus, and the river is gorgeous. Come here, catch some fish, and go relax :)

If you're in OK, Don't miss this.

The Wichitas are (in my humble opinion), by far the best place to be in Oklahoma. When my boyfriend took me camping there (he's an OK native), I was pressed to the glass looking at the buffalo. AMAZING. So much wildlife (make sure you stop to see the prairie dogs), and the mountains are amazing. There is no bad place to camp here, just make sure you go for a hike!

This cabin is worth the hike (...I mean the hike is worth the hike...)

My boyfriend and I were recommended to do the John Muir Cabin and the hike in Juneau, and we were beside ourselves. The cabin at the end is cozy and the views of the mountains are spectacular. You do not want to miss this. The boardwalks over the muskegs and the flora and fauna are unreal and so, so Alaska. Highly recommend!

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This cabin is worth the hike (...I mean the hike is worth the hike...)

My boyfriend and I were recommended to do the John Muir Cabin and the hike in Juneau, and we were beside ourselves. The cabin at the end is cozy and the views of the mountains are spectacular. You do not want to miss this. The boardwalks over the muskegs and the flora and fauna are unreal and so, so Alaska. Highly recommend!

Myakka from my Childhood

Unfortunately, I went as a little kid so I don't have any amazing pictures to share. But I have FOND memories of this experience, and I couldn't get over the canopy walkway. This place is unlike any other, and teeming with interesting, diverse wildlife. If you're in Florida, you have to make your way out here.

Winding Stair Backpacking

My boyfriend and I took our first backpacking trip in the Ouachitas, and stayed at this campground. We absolutely LOVED it. The views are spectacular, lots of wildlife, all the wildflowers were blooming, and it was so quiet. The stars were amazing. No complaints, would do it all over again if we still lived there.

Just make sure if you do go camping, get out on some trails. You won't regret it.

Lake Carl Blackwell

Again, I went to OSU so this and lake McMurtry were the two nearby camping spots. It's a nice little getaway, but don't expect to be wowed. It has several campground areas to choose from and all the amenities you would need, but it's simple (and sometimes that's the best). Good place for family outings or an escape from studying. Go fishing, wander through the trees, or just sit by a campfire and drink a beer.

Wonderful location

Make sure you go when the campgrounds are open - I've made that mistake too many times!

It's beautiful, with wonderful trails weaving through the pines. Make sure you hit the dam overlook, and jump off the dock. Wonderful campground, making me miss it just writing this review!

Albert Pike

Although the campground is closed due to the flood (at least last time I checked), it's definitely worthwhile to camp a little up the trail and in the backcountry. My boyfriend and I are expert backpackers/hikers/campers, and this is one of our favorite spots. The water is perfect, the woods lush, and lots of wildlife. Just be careful not to go when rain is expected, because it can be very dangerous. And pack your trash out!

Nice stopping point

At this point, we had finished the John Muir Trail and just needed a cheap place to stay. Diaz lake fit the ticket - had outdoor showers and everything. Was really loud at night, lots of drunk folks. People seemed to use this place for power boating and partying, which isn't really my cup of tea. Otherwise, the amenities were nice, and there were plenty of nice camp sites to choose from. Layout was a little confusing, so grab a map ;)

large campground, beautiful location

We loved these sites because they're RIGHT by town, but you're off in nature as well. The staff can't be beat (saved our booties a couple times), amenities are clean, and cozy sites. Would camp here regularly if I lived closer.

A stay to remember

Loved all the blue crabs, and it was just teeming with life. Go swimming, and take in all Florida has to offer. One of the best spots in Florida, in my humble opinion ;)

First to Review

Honestly, I'm just not a fan of KOAs. They're not scenic, and I always regret not just going camping. but I do have to admit, Carlsbad was AMAZING. So beautiful, just not a fan of the campgrounds.

Perfect Escape, especially if you love fishing

I learned how to clean a fish here :) Beautiful, relaxing location. SO MANY FISH TO CATCH. The place we rented had a hottub, so that was nice too. Great for a weekend getaway, and the streams are pristine!


I have the fondest memories of the Red Bay Lake Cabin.

Took a canoe out to the site, and the cabin was GORGEOUS. Had a crew of about 10 of us, and it fit us comfortably. Lots of space to put up tents too. Spent the night playing "stump" (an Alaska classic), and canoeing around. Can't say enough about this pristine, quiet, perfect little escape.

Petit Jean, 19 years of memories

I've been coming to Petit Jean since I was a little girl. I used to go to the Lutheran Camp on the top, and fell in love with the mountain. Since then, I've had geology lessons, and made my way to the campgrounds. Cedar Falls hike is a classic, and well worth the time. The lodge is amazing, especially the breakfast after a good morning hike. Really, nothing negative to say about it. Easy to gather your own wood for a fire, and bundle up for the night on top of the mountain!