Katie K.

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Canyon Lake, TX

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Not sure what the other reviews are about....

But the place I ended up is just BLM land off the highway. There's a turn off the highway, super easy to miss, and it immediately goes up a hill. There's a gate at the top that just says "please close gate - Bureau of Land Management" so I just went in. The road is very smooth and well worn as of this review, my prius had no problem. Not a single other soul in sight. The road sorta stops after the electricity thing (why am I blanking on what these are called?), but it looks like high clearance vehicles have gone through.

This spot is amazing. Free public land. There are only a few pull off spots. Very quiet and beautiful.

Please practice leave no trace etiquette! This spot is gorgeous, let's keep it that way :)

Great spot even on busy weekends

Such a good tucked away little spot! Had no problem on a Thursday and a Friday night getting a spot. I have a Prius and just backed into the spot near the old dryer that was used for target practice. No good space for a tent (and not exactly serene wilderness), but if you can sleep in your car/van/truck, it's a good spot away from others. Several spots along the dirt road in with fire pits. I tried to get up the hill on my first night-definitely need 4wd. Be careful if you have low clearance here. I was fine, but drive very slowly!