Another Great Option to Stay in ANF for Exploring

Second time visiting ANF area, this campground is equally as nice as DewDrop! Sites are spacious and separate from neighbors! Plenty of space for 2 tents! And everything including the restrooms are clean!

Fun little playground nearby too!

Also to note, we did not make reservations, but were able to drive through and pick open site we liked the most!

The front gate workers were kind and informative with giving advice on how to best explore the area! Including visiting Kinzua Bridge and the Zippo Lighter Museum!

Overall, would camp here again!

Peaceful with many Honeysuckle Bushes and Pines

Would definitely camp here again! So quiet and peaceful, sites are far enough apart to feel like you have a bit of nature to yourself with lovely Pines overhead and sweet smelling Honeysuckles nearby! 

SIte was plenty spacious enough for two tents!

Everything was clean and restrooms and water were nearby!

Close to The Grand Canyon of PA (Pine Creek Gorge) and numerous incredible hikes!

No service in any of the surrounding area if you have sprint, so download ahead of time on google maps for ease of navigating. 

Coming from Eastern Ohio the drive was very scenic and easy!

Pretty Area but Campsites are Close Together

- Had a super enjoyable time at Ohiopyle State Park Campground! It was very nicely tree covered and the restrooms were not far apart, but the campsites were quite close and not much separated some from others. There was firewood and ice right outside to buy, so don’t tote any in!! 

- No service if you have sprint… in any of the surrounding area!

- Definitely check out the nearby town and waterfalls! The town of Ohiopyle is very cute and has lots to enjoy if strolling through (hippie shops, bakeries, ice cream, and adventure rental outlets). Cucumber Falls was cool, but GO EARLY or it is so crowded it is not as enjoyable. ForSure check out the Meadow Run Trail! Beautiful and wide trail for a more private view of cascading water features. AND natural waterslides!! Amazing experience! Was basically there at the slides alone besides a father and two children and a fisherman. Such a cool experience and hangout spot!

- Firetower lookout was a beautiful sunset and again we were alone to enjoy it!

- Jonathan Run Trail was also AMAZING! Multiply waterfalls, magical feeling forests and ponds. Truly a trail worth hiking!

- I’m including pictures of the exact camping experience we had planned, including coordinates to put into a GPS (if you have sprint def download the surrounding area into your phone before going!) Would recommend the whole plan if you only have a few days to explore the area!

New Campground “Getaway” but Pretty Area of Beaver Creek to Explore and

This campground was a lovely, wooded campground for families and relaxing. However, the owner changed last summer and this campground is no longer available to camp at.

However, if you walk or kayak along Beaver Creek In this area you are sure to see some pretty nature and cool historical locks.

In addition, if you want to stay at “this” campground, you can still technically do that, it has changed owners and is now known as Getaway cabins. You “camp” in small minimalist cabins within the pines.

Pretty State Park with Small Family Campground and Horseman Campground

I live near by to this state park and have spent much time exploring the entirety of it.

The trails are all nice, nothing too strenuous, and each have something unique compared to the others in the park. During the spring the Salamander trail is filled with thousands of Trilliums, a truly majestic experience. Lots of flowing water to enjoy throughout the park, some are off the trails but never hard to reach. A good park to enjoy with family and friends because you can fish, kayak, bike, skate, hike, horseback, and picnic. In addition, there are numerous historical cabins, locks, shelters, and a water run mill to sight-see. Then for those in search of a bit of spookiness, Gretchen’s Lock is notoriously a haunted location with certainly eerie vibes.

The family campground is small, but the park as a whole is not far from civilization so if any supplies are needed it is not a far endeavor. 

I do not horseback, so I cannot comment on that campground, but many of the trails are friendly for horses to travel.

OH! And if you are there on the weekends the Wildlife Center is a must! The staff are so nice, it is by donation to visit so is in everyone’s price range. An astounding display of animals and nature information! You can even hold the snakes and see a bee hive in action.

Clean, Beautiful, and Close to Adventure

Thoroughly enjoyed this as one of my first official camping experiences! The site was spacious and was not close to other campers giving a feeling of secludedness and alone time in nature! Could easily walk to a nearby trail and down to the lake front! Some sites even had access to trails that went to the water!

Coming from out of state, even though I am an avid nature explorer, I had never thought twice about encountering bears, I even naively left granola bars in my hiking pack in my tent at night. AND I now will not do that, luckily no bears came for a nighttime snack, but a mom and two cubs ran directly through our camp while having breakfast one morning. Only 10 foot away when the mom stopped to size up our threat level. They proceeded on without problem as we were no threat to her frolicking cubs, but bears are very much a real phenomenon in this campground!

The only negative part about the experience is there was no site to wash dishes and we were yelled at, actually yelled at when letting "dish" water run onto the ground (not at the water spout), we were not using soap, just rinsing some stickiness off before packing away, but this is not even allowed at the campground, I may just be new to camping, but I found it odd to get such a scolding when there were seemingly no other options unless you carry your used rinse water out with you.

Overall, definitely plan on visiting again!

No Longer in Existence

This campground was a lovely, wooded campground for families and relaxing. However, the owner changed last summer and this campground is no longer available to camp at.

State Park is Different from Nearby Nelson’s Ledges Quarry Park

To camp here you must camp at the nearby Nelson’s Ledges Quarry Park, not the State Park itself.

The State Park is very cool, various levels of short trails that are well marked to get through the natural ledges, caves, and water features.

The campground will not be for everyone. There is a large “Hippie Culture” to the campground, if you are not free spirited and open minded you may be uncomfortable camping here, especially on Festival Weekends. There are lots of lights, decorations, music, and people activity throughout the night. The restrooms are porta-potties or pits (neither stay clean for long). The people working there are relaxed, but care about the community and environment fiercely (do not litter, speed, etc here).

Some sections of the campground are nicer than others, but there are so many options for campsites you can probably find one you like. But there are no picnic tables provided and the ground is only dirt. Recycling is easily accessed though!

Many trees for hammocks and it is mostly all flat for placing your tent.

Additionally, the Quarry is beautiful and fun to fish, swim, “cliff jump”, and relax! There is a small “town” at the campground where food and souvenirs can be purchased.

Overall, if you are okay a diverse crowd that is hippie centered this is a campground for you to explore and enjoy!

Great Location, Good Vibes, Slightly Slanted Sites

Stayed over Labor Day Weekend and was pleasantly surprised by the site we got for booking only a week in advance! Would stay again!

- Many sites are quite sloped and slanted, but this cannot be determined by pictures online. With that said, all sites appeared to have a spot for at least 1 tent cleared away and the picnic table and fire ring in a secure location.

- Most sites only had room for one car parked at the site

- Clean pit style restrooms! With running water restrooms dispersed through the campground.

- Lake Hope was a good size for kayaking (and rentals were open and only ~$10 per person per hour for various boating devices).

- Fishing allowed anywhere!

- Cool hiking trails throughout to see caves, The Hope Furnace, and water features!

- Only ~30-40min from all the must see attractions of Hocking Hills and surrounding area!

- Camp Store with wood, ice, etc.

Relaxing and Beautiful

One of my favorite campgrounds visited this summer (came back again!)

- Low cost for staying ($18 for a waterside, spacious site for up to 8 people, 2 tents at no additional costs)

- Numerous fishing and open swimming opportunities (basically anywhere you want along the water)

- Very clean fire rings and running water bathrooms

- Variety of style campsites and “camps” (personal favorite is Aspen)!

- Can skateboard, skooter, or bike throughout the whole campground

- although checkout is at 1 pm, the park as a whole is still open to the public which means you can continue to enjoy the water and nature after moving to the general public parking lot

- Only minor negative is the boat rental was not open for the 2020 season; however, I respect this decision and believe it shows the campground’s ethics for preventing the spread of germs and diseases over making revenue!