Kathy L.


Bethesda , MD

Joined June 2020

Nice campground and state park

We really enjoyed this campground and state park. Good hiking and also connects to good road bike rides. Dog friendly. We stayed in February 2021 at sites 34 and 45 on the Dogwood loop and the sites were nice, forested, and reasonably spaced out. Bathhouse was clean and phone service worked fine. There is a hiking trail that connects dogwood loop to other trails, but the magnolia loop is closer to the trail network. The river trail is really interesting - watching the river disappear at the sinkhole was mesmerizing. We enjoyed the campground so much that we extended our stay and also reserved for next year.

Really fun and relaxing State park

We really enjoyed this campground and state park. We stayed in various sites on the Magnolia 1 loop in February 2021. All the loops were nice. The campground on Mag1 loop did flood a bit in very rainy weather and that could have been challenging for people in tents. Manatee Springs and the river are very nice and we did see many manatees. You’re allowed to swim in a specific area by the springs and it’s refreshingly cool. Good hikes right from campground and springs. Canoe-kayak rentals for the river area. The concession stand for rentals also serves excellent smoked BBQ and Cody, the fellow that works there is friendly, nice, and informative. There is no cell service in the campground area but you can pick up some WiFi (2 bars) near the concession stand for free. We really enjoyed our time at Manatee Springs and will return again

Huge and beautiful state park

Lovely and hugs state park with a mix of prairie and forest (palm, oak with Spanish moss and other epiphytes). We stayed at Old Prairie Campground site 38 and it was a lovely spot at back of the loop. The OP. Amp hound is a bit tighter than the Palmetto campground in terms of space, but I really liked the feel of the campground and people were all friendly. Clean bath house and laundry facilities (bring quarters). Weather was in the 80s in early February. We did the nature trail (short), the canopy walk, and also got permits for the wilderness preserve. The hike there is beautiful - about five miles round trip. Feels like the Serengeti - wide open prairie with occasional trees. There’s a lake with TONS of alligators and lots of amazing birds. You have to get a permit from the ranger station at 8 am and they only give out enough for 30 people each day. Well worth it. The only bummer with this campground is that there isn’t trail access from the campgrounds themselves (at least not from Old Prairie or Palmetto). I like state parks where you can access the trail network straight from the campsite. Other than that it was beautiful.

Nice campground with beach access

Very nice privately-run campground. The sites are somewhat close together but with palm and tree vegetation between them for privacy. the bathhouse is clean and has lots of laundry machines (bring quarters or front desk had some). The campground has river access to the back and then is just across the road from a great beach. There are no signs prohibiting dogs on the beach and our pup loved running around on the beach - almost no one there on a rainy / cloudy day. We stayed in site 23 which was fine but a bit tight. It was early Feb 2021 and it rained a lot when we were there and it was good to know the bath house could be a shelter if the tornado watch developed further. Luckily it didn’t. Nice place. I’d return here for longer with hopefully better weather. I like that you can walk to nature so conveniently from the campground.

Lovely campground and State Park

Silver Springs State Park Lovely state park in central Florida. Quiet, well spaced forested sites. We stayed in #27 in Feb 2021 but all the sites are nice. Bathrooms and showers all clean and there are some coin-operated laundry machines. Several good hikes from the campground although they don’t show up on the AllTrails app. The trail heads are near the Museum and they branch off into various trails. No trail maps at trail heads though - the only one we saw was deep into one of the trails. The River Trail and Swamp Trail are very nice. The campground is about a mile from Silver Springs SP day use area, and there are more hikes there. There are also kayak abs canoe rentals there. We rented a kayak for two hours and it was great. We will come back!

Very nice campground

Very nice campground. We stayed here for several nights in August and October 2020 in site 14, which was beautiful in the trees and level for our camper van. Good shade at many of the sites, but some are more open and less private. We stayed both times during the week, leaving on Fridays. Looks like it fills up on weekends and could get crowded. Beautiful fall colors in October. We will return.

Good shade and privacy

We stayed here for one night in August 2020 en route to black hills. Nice site(number 80), good shade and privacy between sites.  Some mosquitos in evening.

Good stopover site on way to black hills

We stayed here at site 69 E for one night in August 2020. Nice, clean campground with partial shade in some sites. The campground was fairly empty, but there were many families enjoying the lake on Sunday afternoon. Good stopover site on way to black hills.

Nice campground in pine forest within Custer State Park/Black Hills

We stayed here at site 13E for two nights in late August 2020. Nice campground with pine trees and good distance between sites. There’s a nice short loop hike from the campground to Stockade Lake.

Favorite campground!

Favorite campground! We stayed here at site 27B for just one night in August 2020 bit wish we had stayed many more nights. The campsites are in a beautiful pine forest on the edge of a prairie/meadow that has a creek running through it. Absolutely magical place, and the light in the morning and evening is spectacular. Although we didn’t have time to hike more than some short hikes and walks in the prairie, we saw trails leading from the campground(right behind our site) and other campers said the hiking and rock climbing are fabulous. We must come back!!!

Love it and will return

Loved this campground and the beautiful trail to Pine Creek Falls. Stayed here in site 9 loop A for two nights in late August 2020. Lovely site, good shade and privacy. The hike is wonderful- beautiful scenery and shade, and the falls are spectacular. We hiked it twice with our puppy. We love this campground and will return someday.

Lovely campground in huge state park

Lovely campground with good trees and privacy between sites. We stayed here end August 2029 in site 111 in the snowberry loop. There are good hikes in the campground but they don’t all connect to each other. Nicest one that I did was the one along the lake- beautiful views.

Nice campground, good shade, friendly staff

Nice campground, good shade. We stayed at site 31 in early Sept 2020. Friendly campground staff, very quiet place. Convenient to Hood River.

Lovely campground

We stayed here for one night at site 23 South loop in early Sept 2020. Nice campground. Sites are a bit closer to each other than we would have liked but there were still some trees between them, which was nice. We would have happily stayed longer but had to get to our next destination.

Nice campground

We stayed here in mid September 2020. We stayed at site number 2 south loop, which had really good shade and views. Nice campground overall. The downside when we were there was that the smoke from valley fire was bad, but the campground itself was nice. Also there were ants along tree roots so careful where you pitch your tent. Rangers and campground staff were actively watering new trees and plantings to continue promoting growth and shade. There was a nice playground and water fountain play area for kids.

Beautiful campground with some caveats...

Beautiful, peaceful, quiet in nature- right in the middle of Joshua Tree National Forest. Good privacy between sites. It’s important to find sites with large rocks for shade, like sites 2-5, 90, 91 and others. The sites on the loops that are farthest from the entrance give the feeling of being out in nature, but seem to have less jumbo rocks for shade. We stayed on site 2 in mid September 2020 and the shade was pretty good. Lots of empty sites and people coming without reservations were able to get sites. The cons were: no campground host or rangers(and some people who weren’t staying at the campground came and acted really weird outside our van in middle of night), no phone service(so if there was an emergency beyond strangers acting weird we would have no way to get help), and lots of“thirsty bees” all over the campground, which is great for nature but a bit disconcerting for visitors. The signs say that they are looking for water and to avoid swatting at them. The best times to enjoy JT are morning, late afternoon, evening and night bc it’s super hot across the day(generally I’m Joshua Tree NP). The scenery is incredibly beautiful, the sunsets amazing and the stars are out of this world. One night is probably enough to experience it without having to handle the hot mid-day or battle the bees.

Loved it

Very peaceful campground in a beautiful national park. The campsites are nestled in among the low trees and brush, with pretty good privacy between most of them. There are a few hikes that lead right out of the campground with good views. And it’s convenient to see the sites in Mesa Verde. Peaceful.

Peaceful, lovely campground

Very peaceful campground near spectacular black canyon. The B loop has electric hookups. When we were there, it was First Come First Served. We arrived in late Sept on a Sunday for one night, arriving around 2:30 pm. We found a site easily but in the hour after that there were no more sites in B Loop. Ranger was super nice and she shared interesting info about black canyon. Nice hike directly from the campground to many of the canyon lookouts and visitor center. Beautiful sunsets and evening light!

Lovely Peaceful Campground

Lovely campground with beautiful aspen and pine trees as well as some meadows. Peaceful and beautiful. Many campsites are lovely. There are three loops. Some sites(1&2 and 6&7) on the Allgeier Loop are joint campsites, meaning that there is no space between them(literally a shared gravel pad to park and picnic tables near each other, and for those sites, the electricity and water hookups are on one side, so both vehicles need to park near each other on that side so that the farther one can hookup. That worked fine for us bc the neighbors in the other site were flexible and kind enough to let us park over toward“their” side to hookup. The only other bummer in the colder months(like end sept when we stayed here) is that the sun comes up behind one mountain and sets behind another- so it gets quite cold and the hours with sun on the sites are limited. That could be an advantage in the summer though as it wouldn’t get as hot. It’s a bit isolated but that’s also nice. Not many hikes or bike routes from the campground itself. Easy drive to Aspen, Carbondale, and Glenwood Springs


Lovely campground! Beautiful pine forest, morning sun, nice sunsets, clean campground with great facilities(including laundry, clean large shower house, electric hookups, and a dump station). Good hikes right near campground and tons of hikes in the state park. The trailhead for the gorgeous Raccoon Trail loop is just feet from our campsite. We stayed at site 6 loop A for one night in early October. Wish we were staying longer! We will return someday!