The folks here were nice and there were lots of trees. Both good things but we didn’t love it and probably wouldn’t return because of the following reasons. *They really stack you on top of each other in this place. I could hear every conversation my neighbors were having in detail. *There was a horrible sewer smell for part of our stay. *You have to pay if you want hot water in the shower. The location was great and there were lots of campsite options. Hooks ups/ Dry camping. It even looked like there were some cabins although I’m not positive they were for rent. Lots of folks living full time in this RV Park. It was fine but lots I would probably try somewhere else next time.

First to Review
Not a destination but a good stopping point

This place isn’t fancy but it’s only $5 to camp for the night. As we sit here there are only two other campers here so there’s plenty of room to spread out. We did find power over in one of the pavilions if you just have to have it for awhile but it’s not available at individual campsites. There are public toilets. There are also many water spigots around the park but not at individual sites. Although to clarify you can pretty much park where you can fit your vehicle so I guess you could use power and water depending on where you park but we didn’t want to try our luck. There is all sorts of playground equipment here that kids would enjoy and lots of horses next door at the rodeo grounds. There is a definite sewage smell here and that’s disappointing but seriously for $5 bucks we are happy to be here for the night. Last but not least there are lots of prairie dog holes in the ground here so don’t turn your ankle.

Potential for 5 stars

This place is lovely. It would be especially nice if you had kids to entertain. There is plenty to do here. Bathrooms are clean. We had three small issues. The first issue could have been a big problem but because the park was pretty empty it wasn’t. The very friendly lady that made our reservation got my name, phone number, date of arrival and price all wrong! Perhaps she has dyslexia? It all worked out because the park wasn’t full but if you book here check all the details a few times. The wi-fi password was given to us but we kept getting the error message that the word-fi was unavailable. The only other thing that was annoying was at 5 am I thought someone was mowing the lawn. Turned out be someone was driving around the park in a vehicle that sounded like a lawnmower. It wasn’t a very big vehicle and it had yellow lights on it. Maybe some kind of city vehicle? No more sleep after that. Oh well we got an early start out of there because it woke us up.

Nothing to write home about

Pros *Bathrooms kept clean except the mold on the shower curtains. *Lots of pull through parking *Close to Duluth

Cons *Noisy highway and train nearby *Park has a slightly sewer scent *Sites close together and not very many trees *Price to high for what you get in my opinion

Okay for a night but not a destination. Only cash and checks accepted for payment.