Kathleen H.

Rockville, MD

Joined May 2018

picked it late arrival/early departure, near Petrified Forest,

We added in Petrified Forest National Park at the last minute and needed a place to stay. We arrived after sunset, showered with hot showers, kids played at the playground, enjoyed pancake breakfast the next morning.

The site was basically a gravel parking lot with picnic table. We were in a camper van and the hum of RV ACs was very loud. We were hot, even after night fall, but it got them job done. If I had known there was camping closer to the Natinoal park, I would have done more research and stayed there. Oh well.

Breath taking views

After traveling to Muley point later in the day than expected we needed a place to park our Campervan. We were pleasantly surprised at this small unattended campsite. The views were WONDERFUL! Vaulted toilets, no water. but good shaded covers to the picnic tables and fire ring.

Camper Van in a "tent" site

It was 105 degrees. We arrived in our EscapeCamper van and were hopign for more of a tent like campsite like we had in the wonderful National Park campsites. We were not impressed. There was one tree between sites, but was more parking lot with fence/tree. We left to get lunch and tried to cancel within the hour, they were not accommodating.

i had made the reservation in haste without much research, looking back I would have picked a some of the other campign site in Moab.

I think RVs would be happier here.