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Beautiful area

I have not had the pleasure of renting the cabin, but I have seen it while riding in the area. It's a lookout cabin; so it stands high on stilts to watch for fires. I have ridden some of the trails and it's a beautiful place to ride deep in the forest surrounding the lake. The trails are clearly visable and very easy to ride. It was a beautiful place for a picnic.

Very remote

This area is for dedicated horseback riders or hikers. The road getting there is horrible it's very washboard e and the going is very slow. I do not recommend it for any kind of RV or camp trailer. When I go out here to ride I usually take my least favorite horse trailer a big living quarters trailer will not go down this road with that said this is actually a fantastic place to ride Young Horses. There is huge Open Fields. There are also a lot of sandstone Cliffs and deep gullies a very big good assortment of varied Terrain to teach young horses for trail riding. Because it is BLM land you can camp but there's not really any camping spots. People do lease this land for their cattle so there are cattle no motorized vehicles allowed beyond the fence. There is a small parking lot big enough for a couple small horse trailers no bigger than three or four horse.

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Great horseback, hiking & bicycle trails

This is one of my favorite local riding spots. The trails are well used and vary from flat and easy to moderately difficult. Lots of bicyclers on the trails. There are some camping spots.

Billings KOA

Beautiful setting among trees. On the backside of campground several spots around a small pond. There's a public swimming pool and a nice small general store with laundry. Downtown Billings is minutes away.

Easy access

This quaint little campground is easy to get to right off the gravel road. It sits right next to the stillwater river. There's a really cool, elevated cement lookout area next to the river to set up your chairs and fish. Theres also a vault toilet and picnic spot. Across the river is a rock ledge swimmers use to dive off of into a deep pool.

Best horse camp cabin

This is one of the best camping cabins for equestrians that I found so far in Montana. Getting from the main road into the cabin can be a bit tricky for vehicles over 30 feet. This cabin has plenty of room to sleep 6. There are Corrals for horses and pasture. And the trails into the forest service are endless in a couple different directions. There is also a vault toilet for day travelers. The cabin has electricity and running water a fire ring and it's also close to a creek. The only down holes are mosquitoes and you cannot overnight camp only rent the cabin so if you're planning a trip you need to plan and Reserve this cabin in advance as it goes really fast every year.

Backcountry bliss

We try to go to this cabin every year. We start at the West bridger cabin or the trail head. There is a really good four wheeler trail from the trailhead to the cabin. if you go with horses you need to be aware that there are motorized vehicles and hikers and I have occasionally seen llamas. The countryside is beautiful; there are a few stream Crossings, so there's water for the horses along the way. it's about a two and a half hour ride from the trailhead to the cabin. The cabin is set in a little clearing next to the creek. there's a Corral for horses with the creek running through it. there's also an area outside the Corral that you can graze your horses around the cabin. There's not enough grass to sustain anything and the forest service requires weed, seed free feed. This is a beautiful Serene place to stay for those Backcountry enthusiasts

West Bridger Cabin

This is one of my favorite places to camp with horses. There is a 40 acre pasture fenced to turn horses in with a creek running through it. There is also a nice little Corral if you have any horse that doesn't get along with other animals or one that you can't catch very easily. There are several places to ride. It's a bit of a tight squeeze to get a big horse trailer in there I would not recommend anything much over 30 feet. If you go a few miles up the road you can go to the trailhead that allows you to go on up to Deer Creek cabin. We rent the two cabins often park at the lower cabin and ride our horses up to the Deer Creek cabin and stay . you cannot drive to the Deer Creek cabin itself only to the trailhead