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Dog friendly...kinda

Better places to visit on the weekends. this place gets a lot of traffic. Lots of black bears in the summer, though!

Dog Friendly...kind of

Dog friendly area, but not dog friendly trail. This place gets a lot of traffic. It's beautiful, but there are better places to go on the weekends.

Tent city!

Super Expensive! Most summer seasonal workers. Too crowded and not many facilities. Trash, outhouses. Though, a plus, it's just a short walk to downtown. RV or tent camping. But I suggest finding another place in Skagway.


Well manicured. Not especially private. It's nice, but I would prefer a spot that's a little more secluded. Benefits of this site are the facilities and the 15 minute drive to the ferry terminal. Super conveneient. Only open May-Oct!


This location is closed. But check out the one in CO next time you're in that area!

First to Review
Great afternoon

Start like you're heading to Yakutania Point, and follow the signs for Smugg's. You'll pass trashcans and facilities along the way. At Smugg's, you'll find a picnic table and fire pit. It's much quieter than the Point and better for tent camping. Also great for trail running. I love this spot! Great afternoon hike that can turn into an overnight stay. Pet friendly too! I went bush whacking on the other side of the cove and found some cool spots up the goat trail. But watch out for bears if you’re out in peak season.

Not ideal

Maybe in the winter this would be a better spot. Though beautiful, it's very busy. It's right next to the small boat harbor, and the rail road dock, so there's traffic from fishing boats, the small ferry, and the cruise ships. It's convenient to town, close to the liquor store. The plus side-it's close to Pullen Creek where the salmon run, there are plenty of facilities, and it's close to the trailhead for lower and upper lake.

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Short hike

Cross the foot bridge over the Skagway River by the airport and follow the signs left. It's an easy trail with a few places to explore and hang out by the water along the way. If you follow it to the Point, you'll pass outhouses and trashcans about half way. There is a picnic table under the trees, then a fire pit close to the shore line. Plenty of places to hang a hammock. For the best views, check out the rocks to the right. Plenty of locals in the evening. Great place to meet people. Pet friendly, as long as your pets are friendly!

Everything you need

It's a little odd but it's got everything you need. Coin showers, laundry, bathrooms inside what feels like a living room. Nice place to hang out. Vending machines and books. RV and Tents. Next to the famous Lighthouse bar. Just a few blocks from the Sheldon Museum and the downtown area. Convenient, plus nice views. Also, the staff is super helpful. I had a last minute overnight stay. I was borrowing a friend’s tent that I had never used before. A staff member and other campers came over to help me fight the wind and set it up. Super sweet!

Beautiful and convenient

Each space has a picnic table and fire pit. It's pretty close to the ferry terminal (4 miles?). Outhouse. Close to lots of trails, good fishing, and swimming. Ketchikan is adorable, but considerable fishing and tourism traffic. I would suggest going March-early April. The energy in tourism towns starts building but you get there before the tourists do. Also, there’s just something special about the crisp, spring air.


Lots of benefits to this spot-- Haines is one of my most favorite towns in the South East because it's small, residential, and not as touristy. There are plenty of affordable RV parks in the area, but I prefer pitching it on the coast at Portage Cove (no RVs, walking or bike only). It's not far from the ferry terminal or downtown. There are public restrooms. Plus the view of the Chilkat Inlet is perfect to wake up to. Lots of spaces! Though it’s quieter before and after the tourist summer season, the Haines state fair is a blast!!! Art, music, food. Great time to go!

Nice hike

This site is mostly about the hike; not many facilities, but not needed. The first few switchbacks were the worst of the hike. You get a nice view of town on the way up, then you can go around the entire lake. There's a picnic table and several small cleared areas to pitch. The locals and seasonal workers flock here to swim on warm days so expect lots of activity if it's warm out. You can continue on the "Lower Loop" which will take you back down to the trailhead, or you can continue up to Upper Lake.


Great if you have a car. I guess you could hitchhike. It’s not walking distance from town, though. Just far enough out of town. Private, quiet, always beautiful. Close to town, waterfall, river. Bear safe trash.

Great location and facilities

Location is convenient next to the rec center and a few blocks from town. The restrooms are clean. There’s a coin operated shower and coin operated laundry on site. There are picnic tables and vending machines as well. Skagway is a great place to stop and this is definitely my favorite rv park. The rate is pretty reasonable in comparison to other parks in town. Plus, you can't beat the view. More spots available during "shoulder seasons" (April or October)

Beautiful area

Trash, showers, restrooms. The spaces are pretty close together which isn’t my favorite. But the best part about this campground is the convenient location. Close to the recreation area. Just a short drive is the Obed boulder field and the Obed river.

So great!

I spent three nights on the ferry from Bellingham, WA, to Skagway, AK. Camping on the deck was wonderful. You can pitch a tent on the deck, or sleep under the heated overhang. You can also get a private cabin if you’d like, or find a quiet place in other places on board. Movie theater, showers, washer and dryer, food. More than you need. Plus amazing views! No booze on the deck but available in the dining room. The staff was also so sweet!

Dyes Flats are like a dream

Private spaces, beautiful views, northern lights, eagles, bears, river, ocean….all the things. Perfect for an over-night or several days in seclusion. It’s about a twenty-thirty minute drive from town. The tougher your vehicle, the better, but 4wd not needed. You can camp on the outskirts of the grounds for an open view of the flats, or get a more secluded spot in the trees. It’s a dream. Dyea has such amazing history. There’s a bar/restaurant/Airbnb on the way. The sweetest woman runs it and she’ll tell you all you need to know about the area.

Everything you need.

The camping spaces are a little close together, though there are enough it’s easy to get to some privacy. It’s got everything you need, though for better views and further privacy, I’d recommend driving a little further toward the flats. Dyea always seems like the perfect kind of quiet, though it gets the most traffic during the summer and both US and Canadian holidays. I suggest going in September. The weather is perfect-not too cold, solid breeze but warm sunshine. The leaves start to change to a beautiful yellow.