Five Mile Island

This campground has "ample" facilities, depending on your level of backpacking. There is not a problem finding a level tent pad, there are bear wires, and a pit toilet. The bear wires are a great convenience, but our neighbors were not so considerate because they chose to use multiple hooks to hang their stuff, instead of leaving some for the others in the area, so be prepared to hang your gear regardless. This camp is very easy to reach so there are plenty of inexperienced campers around, but there are also those that are on their way to trek deep into the park. So if you are looking for a place to take the family this can be great, but if you are looking for a true nature experience or isolated camp, this is not for you.

Elk Lake

The name of this campground is slightly misleading in that it is not actually at the lake, its about .5 miles below. There is a good water supply nearby though from the waterfall coming from the lake. The sites are all very level and clear, some have been claimed by a massive rainstorm a few years back though. Sites are large and there is a bear wire strung up in the middle somewhat near the beginning. Camping beneath massive old growth and near a waterfall makes for a chilly and dew laden morning, but peaceful nonetheless. There are fire pits that are put together but I do not believe you are allowed to have fires. We left our packs here and walked up to elk lake with a water bottle and some snacks and enjoyed the sunshine on some logs in the water.

Rainbow Point Campground

This campground has many amenities since it is accessible by boat. There is a dock, pit toilet, picnic shelter, benches, bear lockers, fire pits, and tent pads. There was a large boys camp there when we got in and they were having a blast jumping from the dock. We had just come off a few days on the Devil's Dome Loop so we were not in the mood to stay at a large established camp around groups nor did our ultralight backpacking tents fare well on tent pads, so we went down to the namesake of rainbow point, the rainbow shaped sandbar that juts out from the lakeshore. While I do not think you can legally camp here, there were plenty of signs that people had. Beware of goose poo though! There were rangers on boats going by but we were never reprimanded for our campsite as there was a forest fire directly across the lake from us and I think we were the least of their worries. Remember if you do chose to camp on the lakeshore or the sandbar, Ross lake is a dammed lake, so the water level changes in certain circumstances.

Lake Easton State Park

Noisy, noisy, noisy, and noisy. From the sound of the highway to the insurmountable number of inconsiderate neighbors… forget getting any sleep. If you have a large family style tent it won't fit on the wood plank outlined tent pad. The grounds are fairly well maintained and the park and lakeshore are nice. It's great for family camping with the kids, but bring ear plugs!

Entiat City Park

This was a great place to take the kids for a weekend to swim at the lake. There is a picnic table at each spot it seems, which is convenient. There is pretty much zero privacy though, so expect to get acquainted with your neighbors. The area is clean and the beach is nice, not very wide, but does run the length of the camping area and has a nice little dock to swim from, just be careful of oncoming boats, especially if it's your little ones playing out there!

Beaver Bay Campground

This was a wonderful little car camping ground. While there was no complete privacy from your neighbors, there were tons of tall trees and the spots were good sided so it wasnt a big downside at all. The bathrooms were ok considering how secluded this place is. The view of the lake from here is absolutely gorgeous. Walk down to the water and drop your kayak in and enjoy the views! While there are no drinking and no smoking notices, no one was a stickler, it think they are just trying to keep out partiers as this was a fairly quiet place.

Lake Chelan State Park

This is more of a state campground than a state park, but it is great little area outside of the tourist crowded city. There are quite a few spots where you have plenty of privacy from your neighbors, which helps with noise since there can be loud teenagers around. The shower/bathroom facilities are not stellar, but hey its a campground shower. The swimming area is nice, with grassy and shoreside areas to lay out. There are also large playfields with courts which people were always welcoming in others to play. The place is busy, but worth the fight to get a spot during the busy season.