Karralee B.

Holland, PA

Joined May 2018

Beautiful, woodsy, tranquil

Campsites are nice and large, can hold multiple tents. They request the purchase of another site if you have more then two tents, but then you can put all tents on one site and cook and hang out in the other. We have a beautiful site along the creek, perfect white noise to get a great night sleep. Very woodsy so you definitely are in the woods. The camp ground is connected to the wolf preserve so you can hear them howl if you listen. Only bad thing is their general store is more of a gift shop and does not really cater to the needs of a camper. I prefer if I forget something like creamer for my coffee or cups that are not styrofoam I would prefer to walk into the camp store note have to go to Walmart. I’m camping getting away from that. Anyway I highly recommend this campground for a relaxing kick back and enjoyable, peaceful time! You have to buy their wood you can’t bring any in, they are trying to keep the lantern flies away. $5 bundle for 7 pieces.

Relaxing, with activities for everyone- Disc Golf Crazy!

We did a weekend trip with just adults, tent camping. It was quite muddy so we moved our set up into the grass field, we reserved the majority of the sites in this location so it worked well. The RV spots seem nice and large. The bathrooms were nice and clean, showers were nice. There are a few bath houses that make the large camp ground have easy access to the bathrooms which I appreciated. The tent sites are on dirt and not stone which we enjoyed, I hate stone under my tent. The general store had everything plus, and very reasonably priced. The camp ground has a very large golf disc course and they seem to have tournaments. They sell disc golf things in the store as well. This course is huge and brings in groups who play for the day. They do allow golf carts we saw gas and powered. Nice and quite. We had a great time and it’s on our list as a successful tent camping location for us. The owners are AWESOME!

Party Camping

Very friendly campers. Most of the residents are seasonal and glampers, but very friendly and like to party. We are tent campers and went at the end of the season. We had 5 tents one per-site which wasn’t ideal, but we were placed in front of the closed pool where we took all 5 sites and made one. At first I was mad but we made it work and we were the envy of everyone. Many year round campers have golf carts. The one downside, some of the year round RV sites look run down and are gross looking, we did hear they were going to do a clean out of those sites so hopefully it will look nicer. The actual tent sites are next to the road, which is a shame because we seem to always get the crap locations furthest from the bathrooms, this makes no sense when RV’s have bathrooms and tents are basic camping. Definitely recommend a stay though, the owners have great weekend events for adults and kids. We will be going back and making this our end of the year annual camping location!

Not tent friendly.

It’s a very nice campground, however, it’s too bright at night because they leave the street lamps on all night, my bedroom is darker at home, I thought I was in the city. The bathroom is not centralized and not a fun walk. We are tent campers and were placed at the far end of the campground, I reserved 2 months in advance. All of the locations around or close to the bathroom/shower rooms were RV’s. Hello RV’s have bathrooms! When I asked on our way out how to reserve a spot closer to the bathrooms the woman behind the counter under her breath said to be seasonal, which is bullshit. The campground was clean but very packed with RV’s, tents are set up by the road on the out skirts of the camp. They patrol every half hr until around 1:30am which is annoying while your trying to sleep. We will not be going back.