Everything but the bathrooms

Spent 3 nights at Inks Lake from 8/3-8/6. Got there right before dark on the first night and found the late check in process a bit confusing. Right now, Texas state parks don't assign or let you choose spots when you reserve so it's first come….When I got to Inks at about 730 pm, there was a sign in the lobby of the park headquarters that listed all the sites and said to pick any site that wasn't crossed off. Problem was, the sign was on the other side of the glass so folks couldn't cross off the site they chose. Wild goose chase led me to two sites that were already chosen. I finally picked an open site that I came upon and settled in. All the lake view spots were, of course, taken, so this shady spot was just fine. Site 72. Nice and level. Water and 20/30/50 amp power. The water didn't work. The faucet was broken and spewed everywhere. I turned it way down, filled my fresh water tank, and turned it off.

Each site has an asphalt pad, water, electric. A picnic table, a lantern/garbage hook, and a grill/fire pit combo. The park has a general store where you can rent kayaks and paddle boats as well as borrow (for free) fishing gear. There is a very nice fishing pier and a cleaning house for those that wish to clean their catch. There is a boat launch by the store also. There's plenty of room for everyone in the lake to do whatever you like. There's even a swimming area called "Devils Watering Hole" where you can jump from the cliff into the lake. The park also has tent sites, adorable cabins and lots of day use space. Playgrounds keep the kids from causing misery back at the camp sites.

The patrons of the park were pleasant and well behaved. No rowdies after quiet hour. Friendly and helpful folks. The park staff was also peasNt and helpful. When I went up in the morning to do my check in (you go before 9am id[f you did a late check in), I told them about the faucet. By the time I got back to my site, the maintenance guys were there to fix it.

There is plenty of wild life to enjoy. Several trails to keep you occupied when you are tired of the water. Right down the road is Longhorn Caverns state park. Their general tour is 90 minutes of blissfully cool and very interesting cave tour. They also have an extreme tour that requires helmets and knee pads (they provide).

There are two wineries nearby for liesurely wine tastings. I enjoyed an excursion from Inks Lake to Longhorn Caverns and then stopped at one of the wineries on the way back.

The park, in general, was very clean and well maintained. Plenty of dumpsters and recycling bins for cans. My reason for subtracting a star is the state of the restroom/shower facilities. Ewwwwww! Now I know this park has heavy use. But with heavy use comes more money to spend on help. Clean those bathrooms, Texas! And while you are at it, toilet paper would be a nice touch. The showers were all out NASTY! Do not forget your shower flip flops, people. And do not drop anything on the floor while you are showering….gonna need a flame thrower to sterilize that nastiness!

in general, a fabulous long weekend and I will definitely go again. Can't wait for Texas to allow site specific booking starting in October of this year. Hint: #48.

oh. Wait. I forgot to mention….ants. Be prepared. They have the nasty varieties that show up suddenly, out of nowhere, and devour your dogs dinner before Fido can even whiff it with that finely tuned nose. And the fire ants at Inks are stealth. That's right. Stealth fire ants. No tell-tale mounds for these little bastards. No. You can't even find one if you looked all day. But suddenly, you are standing there and, POOF!, you are the next victim. I always say…"Texas will kill you" (but it's worth it). Btw, no snakes appeared during my stay.

Beautiful big sites

The sites are large which means you aren't right on top of your neighbors. Lots of shade. Each site has its own shelter with picnic table, grill and fire pit. Electric and water but no sewer. The sites along the outside of the loop have lake views and are level. The sites along the inside are scary unlevel! Some of the big rigs were backed in and jacked up 4 feet or so in front. Saw a lady break her ankle stepping out of her camper. Be prepared to level your camper! I suggest odd numbers 19-35 and even numbers 36-42 as the most level sites with the best lake views.

The park has hiking trails, boating and swimming access, but none of these are accessed right at the camp area.

Restrooms are very basic with no hot water. They were clean but a little creepy for showers. I used the toilets there during the day and my camper shower and toilet at night.