Lots of things to do

Lots of trails and activities to do around the area. Wish we weren’t staying in a tent and would have come at a cooler part of the year. Was too hot to do anything at the beginning of July. Ended up leaving early.

Great Stay

This camground is better than most. Yes. the spots are a little close together. However, when we were here we didn’t have any issue with noise from others. The siren in the morning and evening is a thing, but only a slight 15 second inconvenience for an awesome little campground. We stayed in Campground 1, a little way back from the water so we didn’t have to worry about fisherman in our area. Also, plenty of trees and shade at this location. Highly reccomend.


Area around SRA is great. Fireflies every night, nice bathrooms, and fishing wasn’t bad. However, the sites are WAY too close together. Don’t know if we just showed up at the wrong time, but seems like “quiet hours” aren’t enforced. If you’re in need of a stopover, stay here but if you want more of a camping experience, look elsewhere. Booked a reservation for the weekend (3 nights) and left a day early.

Awesome area

Liked it here, however some rules and regulations were a little off. No swimming allowed, but people are wakeboarding. Also didn’t help we have a dog and there is very little shade. I’d say that this area would be perfect for RV campers. Us tent campers, find the best campsite you can before arriving.

Loved this campground

We showed up during the week so it wasn’t too packed. Brought our fishing poles and although we didn’t catch anything, was well worth it. Be sure to go up to Register Rock up the road! So much history here. Highly recommend!