Kaitlyn T.

Seminole, OK

Joined August 2016

not impressed

I'm not impressed with this lake which happens to be be in my home town. It's trashy and sad. People only go to party and leave trash and graffiti everywhere. No-one can swim bc of the broken glass around the beaches. I would hope everyone would be more proud of their lake and take better care of it than what they currently are. The ranger seems more I interested in money than safety of the visitors.

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Sand between my toes

Playing on the go karts dirt bikes four wheelers and dune buggies was fun and exilerating. But my favorite part was exploring this 9000 year old dried up lake bed. Watching the blue butterflies that only live be there and no where else in the world made me feel as small as the specks of sand in this big place. Also there is the old station for the pony express which I found especially interesting. Rich in history and family fun.

valley of fire

Small fee for entry but well worth it. petrified wood and red rock formations make this a unique hiking spot. The history is rich and amazing. Well worth any drive. Valley I fire state park is only 40 miles outside of Vegas. Warning though the summer tempatures are no joke here.

one day get away

Turner falls was very fun and I had no complaints what so ever. The water's were comfortable and clean. Lots of surprises around every corner. Hidden caves and even a castle which my children enjoyed very much. Decent places to eat that were kid friendly was near by. Lots of hiking and photo oppurtunities. The slides wading pools and Sandy beaches were a nice break from buay everyday life!

cibola national forest

Although there was no camping at all in the park. There was beautiful scenic trails. Lots of rock climbing opportunities and spectacular views and photo oppurtunities. My family had a blast and spent the whole day hiking and discovering our newest adventure.

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best place in oklahoma

Eufala lake was beautiful! The trade Mark red clay and country mud made me feel like I was home. Friendly staff at the marinas. Lots of fishing and swimming areas. Rented the most spacious and most beautiful cabin and slept 30 people plus comfortably.

lake thunder bird

Our vacation to lake thunderbird was very nice. It had a very good recreation area and relaxing atmosphere. Lots of wild life around the camp sites was a bit surprising. But otherwise the whole lake was very clean and tranquil.

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sportsmans lake camping

Sportsmans make located on seminole Oklahoma as very clean. Very family friendly. Even the other vsitors were very kind. The park ranger stopped and played with my children telling them about the geese and where good fishing spots were. Overall it was quiet and relaxing and can't wait for our next trip.