Kaitlyn S.

Toms River, NJ

Joined July 2020

Our Peaceful Place

The experience of camping on one of these islands is something special that will remain with you for years. My partner and I went here on a whim in the summer of 2015, somehow with only a few weeks in advance we got Site 13 which is a large secluded island. We haven’t been able to book it since because the reservations have to be made so long in advance and book up quickly. One day I hope we will be able to return! 

All campsites are boat access only and it is very easy to rent a canoe or kayak. I remember the person at check in referring us to an outfitter that dropped off a canoe, paddles, and life jackets to the boat launch area of the campground. It was my first time in a canoe and there are motorized boats on the lake so it can get a little rocky. A wonderful, peaceful place like no other.

No Privacy, Dog Policy Not up to Date

I will most likely not return to this campground, although it’s just because of my own personal preferences. The two main reasons are as follows:

1. When my partner and I drove up to the campground there were multiple signs posted reading, “NO DOGS ALLOWED IN CAMPGROUND”. The pet friendly policy must be new so maybe they just haven’t gotten around to updating the signage, but it led to a few unwanted encounters which made it hard to unwind. I was questioned or warned by other campers about my dog being with me — even though I paid the extra fees online to bring her along.

2. The park was incredibly noisy at night and there is little to no privacy between campsites. Everything could be seen by your neighbors. We were kept up all night because we could hear other campers snoring and talking (they didn’t even seem to be talking loudly, they were speaking at a normal level). Because of this we left after the first night, we couldn’t handle the amount of people and are more accustomed to camping in secluded areas that allow for more relaxation.

The reason I give this campground two stars instead of one is because the bathroom and shower area was very clean, and I had my first bear encounter which was exciting. Three black bears strolled by the campsite next to ours in the early morning — gave us more of an energy boost after a sleepless night than our coffee!