The WORST place you could plan to camp ... ever

This camp ground was atrocious and we left several days early. Site#2 had a profound odor of sewage coming from the restroom. The restrooms were dirty and several faucets were broken and leaking. Flies were swarming everywhere from trashcans and trach bins that did not have properly fitting lids. People outside the park have dogs that bark ALL NIGHT LONG, and that is no exaggeration. If you are in a tent you will get NO SLEEP. We had a next-door-neighbor in site#3 who showed up and immediately began to start a fire even though there was a burn ban in effect. We called the front desk to inquire if perhaps the burn ban had been lifted and were told no, and that the camp staff would come to take care of this. The camp staff did come by, only to actually laugh and joke with the people in site 3, who stopped their fire, but then continued to have the open pit fire after she left. These same people also allowed their dog to run loose with no leash. The next day these people left their dog in their camper while all of them drove off and exited the park around 11:30 a.m. They left the windows of the camper down and the dog barked for 2.5 hours. We called the camp staff again after the first 30 minutes of solid barking, and the woman who answered actually stated,"I don't know what I can do about that, as we have never had anyone complain about a loud dog before." During this time we heard repeated gun shots close by the park perimeter, and then we heard one round actually whiz over our head. So that was enough for us, and we left at 2:30 p.m., two nights early. NEVER AGAIN. We will NEVER stay at at COE campsite again. They are filthy, dirty, UNSAFE and the staff absolutely do not care about your enjoyment or safety, nor do they follow county ordinances. We will be informing the Corps of Engineers office about this visit, so perhaps the staff can be properly reprimanded. This review will be posted EVERYWHERE that Sowell Creek Park has an internet presence.