Julie H.


Steilacoom, WA

Joined November 2020

We drive a Thor Gemini 23TR

It was beautiful

It was full

It’s ON the river !

If you’re a fisherman this is it! We drove thru scouting. It’s beautiful 😍 the sites are nothing fancy but that is not what this is about.

Wow it’s beautiful

Okay, so it’s 30.00 in the off season and no water at the site😔 but this place is beautiful so I’ll let it go. Found Access to the river by space 34 (those sites are closed right now). Tomorrow we go fishing 🎣 we haven’t tried the restroom, but another camper said this one was closed up.

Love it... but it’s not worth the $45.00

It’s always a lovely place to visit, but it’s off season… the camping costs the same $45.00 (on the beach as the camping in the woods is closed). The water is turned off, but there is sewer and power. NO privacy, and it’s always so windy. But there is a lot of cool history here, and the officer and a gentleman was filmed too. Bring a flashlight and take a hike.

Its nearly free

How awesome, a big grassy dog friendly place to park our rig with free Security. It was perfect, checked in when we arrived and handed them 10.00, them drove over to the lot and picked our spot. 👍🏼 it was quiet and safe.

Since the first time in the 90s

This is still my favorite place to camp! The beauty and peace of the lake in the morning hour, the woods in the day, or just sitting by the campfire. This has been a family favorite.. with both of my families 😊