Cool rock formations!

My husband and I camped here for a few nights during Thanksgiving with our 2 dogs.  Such a beautiful campground! We arrived on Wednesday afternoon, and it was about half full, but looked mostly full by the time we left on Saturday.  It is first come first served.

It was definitely cold at night, which we were prepared for, though not prepared for a very windy day that happened while there.  Lots of blowing sand, even got in our tent.  We luckily got a site away from the road, so less blowing sand from people driving by.

We were right next to the nature trail, which was great to have to get some exercise and nice views.  

Lots of off roading trails in this park, so would be paradise with anyone coming to do that!

Trail to the lake

Despite the 100 degree temps in August, there is a trail down to the lake and we were able to swim to cool off.  The campground was basically empty.  Our site was a good size and we had shade.  Bathrooms were clean.

Convenient to the bay area

My husband and I stayed here with our 2 dogs for a weekend.  It was a last minute decision to go camping and we were able to make a reservation I think only a week in advance, and there was availability.  

We did have to hike in to our site, but the campground provides big carts to take your stuff.  The only issue is they didnt have a lot of the carts available, so we had to wait for someone to return theirs.  It was a little bit of a hassle, but once we got settled in, it wasnt so bad.  We showed up after work on. Friday, so that seemed to be the time everyone was trying to get to their site.

Convenient to popular attractions

I stayed here for a couple nights during Thanksgiving week, and it was pretty full.  We made our reservations only a few weeks in advance, so we didnt have the best pick.  Though, I cant complain because our site had shade, and I think there were sites that didnt have good shade.  We were pretty close to a few other sites, so it was cozy.

It's very convenient to all the popular sights in Death Valley, so I highly recommend it if you want to hit them all up!

Lovely stay

I really enjoyed my stay at this campground.  We had a spacious site, it was quiet, and I loved the hike to the waterfall from the campground.  In fact, the trail was right off our site.  There are some very curious and friendly deer when we were there!

Beautiful view

My husband and I camped here for a couple nights during Thanksgiving week.  It was first come first served when we were there, and we arrived on a Wednesday early afternoon, and there were already some groups there and it was filling up.  Our site wasn't the best, as the larger and more set-back sites were already taken.   There are pretty much no trees or anything to provide privacy, but we made it work and the sunset & sunrise made up for it.  It was pretty chilly overnight as this campground is at a higher elevation.

This campground isn't really near the most popular attractions in the park, so keep that in mind if you are thinking of staying here.  There are a few things around though!

One memorable thing about this campground was hearing burros during the night.  It wasnt loud, but we could hear them off in the distance.  Something I have never experienced while camping!

Getaway from Houston

I was visiting Houston with my husband (who is from there) and decided to make a quick escape from the city to nature.  We camped just one night, so despite the short visit, we really had a great time.  Our site was very spacious, and it was pretty quiet there.  There were large trees giving us plenty of shade.  I love the Spanish moss that hangs from the trees.

We also took a hike in the park around the lame, and saw a few alligators.  Such a fun hike, highly recommended!

On the Truckee River

Some friends and I stayed at this campground because of its proximity to Lake Tahoe, where we had planned to take a day trip to kayak. 

I thought the campground was very peaceful. The river was gushing when we were there in June, and we had a great view of the river. The site we had was spacious. We even saw a bear across the river, so dont forget to put your stuff in the bear boxes! One other thing to note was we had to walk along a little trail to get to our site. Not a huge distance, but would have been helpful if we had a little wagon or just brought less stuff. Not sure if all the sites are like that, but you might want to check if you prefer to have a site with parking close by.

Camping among redwoods

I camped here one year for my birthday, at the Sempervirens Campground.  It was such a gorgeous spot to camp.  The sites felt pretty spaced out, and didn't feel noisy at all.  Our site even had a fairy ring, so it felt pretty special!  The campground was also close to hiking, so we didn't even have to get in our cars.  Don't expect to use the trees to put up a hammock, as they are TOO BIG to put a rope around, but also it isn't allowed.

It makes a little sad to write this review as I camped here before the fire.  So sad it is closed down, I hope it reopens at some point.

Beautiful lake

We stayed here for a night before backpacking to Eagle Lakes, and it was a nice little wooded campground.  Very quiet, spacious sites.  Hiking along the lake is gorgeous.  We tried to stay another time, but had to cancel because of forest fires.  Managed by PGE.

Great campground in the Bay Area

We love camping here last minute, or if we want to go camping last minute and don't feel like driving far.  There are lots of trees, and it is usually pretty quiet.  The hike around the lake is pretty substantial if you are looking for some good exercise.   The first time we went, there were a ton of wild turkeys!  Also, you can still get cell service there.

Usually something available

Ive been to this campground twice.  Both times were fairly full, but never totally full.  You can make a reservation, but you cant pick your spot until you get there.  Better to get there on the early side.  Some sites aren't great, so you dont want to be stuck with those!  There were sites with decent shade, and I liked there was a hiking trail down to the lake.  Also a pro that it isnt too far out of the bay area.


We backpacked to Rancheria camp and stayed for 2 nights.  It's about 6 miles from the trailhead, and an incredibly gorgeous hike.  It was pretty hot when we went, and a little hazy from wildfires, but still totally worth it.

The camping area itself is pretty big.  There were a few other groups camping while we were there, but we hardly knew they were there.  The river access was close by, so we could filter water.

We took a day hike to Tiltill valley, and it was so beautiful there.  Highly recommended.

There were a lot of bugs, so for the first time ever I used my bug net and was very thankful I had it on this trip.

First to Review
Nice wooded campground by the Yuba River

I camped here every 4th of July for a few years in a row.  The campground itself is pretty standard, sites are decent size, and lots of shade.  There is a path down to the Yuba River, where you can get in the water or float on a tube.  The best part about this campground is the river.

There is a vault toilet, but for a little longer walk, there is a flush toilet at the picnic area across the road from the campground.

There was a bear in the area one year, I didnt see it myself, but a friend said he saw one on the other loop from where we were staying.

Not too far away is Sierra City,  which has some restaurants and a general store for supplies.  Lots of PCT hikers stop to restock there.

First to Review
Close to Hetch Hetchy

We camped here for a night before heading to Hetch Hetchy to do some backpacking.  It's super close to the Hetch Hetchy entrance, so very convenient if you are trying to get an early start for backpacking.  We got in just before sunset on a Friday, and managed to get a walk up site. Campground was pretty full, but as expected in August.   Very clean campground.  The camp host had wood available for sale.  The most memorable part were COWS that had wandered near the campground.  We could hear their cowbells through the night, but not in an annoying way.

Hike-in sites are great

We stayed here for a weekend at one of the hike-in sites in the Chamise area.  We were the only ones in this area, and had a decent view of the lake.  We even managed to make a path down to the water from our site, so we could swim.  Lots of good trees around for hammocks.

The hike-in sites were relatively close to the parking area, so not a huge hike, though a little steep.  We probably brought too much stuff, so it might have been a little easier if we pared down a little.

Close to hot springs

I stayed at this campground during Thanksgiving week.  It was pretty empty, and we had a great spot right on the river.  We appreciated the proximity to the hot springs.

Our site was pretty big, but that was not the case for some of the other sites which looked small or close to other sites.  Some sites have a shelter, which would be nice if rain was in the forecast.  

The campground does close at the end of November.  There was a winter storm rolling in as we were packing up, but it was so beautiful in that area with a little bit of snow.

Great for last minute reservation

I've been to this campground twice now, and had very different experiences.  

The first time was memorial day in 2019, and we had a great spot right on the water.  We took our canoe and were able to launch from our site.  So ideal.  It was relatively quiet, and nobody immediately near us.  Amazing sunsets.

The second time we went was June 2020.  This time we stayed on the other side of the lake.  The water was super low, so our view was completely dried up.  Also, it was pretty noisy with sites cramming several tents onto their sites.

Either way, on both occasions we the site relatively last minute, maybe a week or two in advance.  Any Californian will know it isnt always easy to book last minute campsites, so I appreciate that!  There are 100+ campsites there, so it seems like always something available.  Plus, not too far from the bay area.


My husband and I stayed here for Christmas, and loved our little yurt. It was very clean, and the bed was actually pretty comfy. It came with a cot as well. The bathrooms were super clean and also really nice. I was impressed. There were hardly any other people staying there at the same time, so we pretty much had the campground to ourselves.

It was pretty chilly at night in December, and the yurts don't really stay warm, but maybe slightly warmer than if staying in a tent.

My only complaint is noise from the road. It runs right by the campground, and pretty audible even inside the yurt. I recommend ear plugs.

Gorgeous & remote, be careful of the river rising!

As others have said, the hike in and out of the canyon is not easy.  But the reward is being totally isolated and quiet down in the canyon.  So gorgeous!

The main thing that we learned the hard way is that the river that is near the campground can become impassable after a rainstorm.  We left our camp to go for a day hike further into the canyon, and crossed the river with no issue.  There was a downpour while we were on the other side of the river, and weren't able to cross back to get to our camp.  We had to spend the night on the other side where thankfully there was another shelter.  Luckily we had some food and our water filter and hammocks, and someone left a brand new sleeping bag that we used to keep warm.  We were able to cross back over the next morning.

Also, our car got broken into where we left it parked on the road.  Dont leave anything valuable in the car!

Despite being stranded and getting our car broken into, we also got engaged in the canyon…so this was definitely my most memorable backpacking trip.