Julianne M.

Kansas City , MO

Joined August 2018

Busy Camp

Not as many sites located directly on the water, about a 7ish mile hike from Rock Harbor. This is one of the few if only campgrounds on the island with fire rings because of people boating in and fishing. Quite a few tent shelters. Can get crowded because of the close proximity to the harbor.

BLM campground

Busy BLM campground, first come first serve. Right off of Scenic Byway 128 in Moab, which can make the campground very noisy. Most of the day large 4x4 cars are zooming by and in and out looking for a site. Views were great, across the Colorado river is Arches NP. TONS of very pretty brightly colored birds in the area that fly in and out of your site. Pit toilets are maintained and aren’t too bad to use. There is no dumpster at Oak Grove, so you have to drive to Goose Island where they have a large dumpster to take your trash. Bring all of your water you need, there is no running water and you can’t filter the Colorado River. Per night the fee is $20, you can stay a maximum of 14 consecutive days. A BLM officer comes by to check your status on how long you are staying and if you have paid. Lots of other people camping for multiple days, and most left during the day to explore and left campsite set up. Arrive early in the day to claim your spot, we camped the week before Memorial Day and left on a Friday, and at 7:30 am people were already coming in asking if we were leaving and if they could have our site. The only downside to this site is how busy it is, and the constant circling of cars looking for a place to camp. I can not stress enough to get here early to find a site at this campground or the others along 128.


Very well taken care of State Park campground. Sites are spaced nicely, most have a fire ring and a grill. Some site have ample tree shade, others come with a sun shade over picnic tables. The earth is very fragile in the Utah desert so the campground has a dishwashing station with running water and a very powerful hose to help prevent erosion within the campground. Be sure to not dump anything in the campsite and extinguish all fires. Bathrooms/showers are clean and maintained. I did not see any hookups for RV’s although many were camping. An hour drive from Bryce Canyon NP and less than 3 hours from Moab. There is a trail up to the petrified forest that is a ~40 min hike, as well as an entire fully preserved petrified tree that was relocated to the park to be held on display. The park itself is about a mile outside of the town of Escalante, UT. The town is small but has a couple gear/outfitting shops, grocers, coffee and ice cream. Great place to camp or pass through if you are doing a tour de Utah.

Pretty area, loud campground.

Busy, multiple campgrounds to stay at which can be confusing, especially if you are fishing. Lots of people come to fish who are not camping, which in turn ruins privacy. Pretty river, most campsites do not have a view of the river.

Walk to Badlands Natl Park

The Tilson’s keep their campground and motel well maintained, have hookups for campers, and fire rings for campsites. Can purchase wood from them. Amazing view of the Badlands, and can walk into the park. beautiful pastures with horses surround. minutes from Highway 90.

lots of moose activity

busy campground, usually people’s last stop before taking ferry back to U.P. Outhouses and bathroom access. Lots of shelters. A resident bull moose that frequents the area that is out all hours of the day.

easy hike, beautiful view

easy and quick hike from Rock Harbor, campsites are secluded and great access to Lake Superior. out houses are not as well maintained as they are at other campgrounds. If you can get a site on the water, best lake access on the island.

Quiet Scenic Campground

One of the most scenic campgrounds on Isle Royale. Difficult hike downhill to the cove, but worth it. Only a handful of campsites so arrive early if possible. super quiet, and lots of beavers around!